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Steering System Failures

Houston Steering System Failure Attorneys

Houston Steering System Failure Attorneys

Power steering systems can make vehicles easier to control while improving the driving experience. When these systems fail, however, devastating accidents can occur. Tragically, steering system failures cause about 2,000 auto accidents every year in the U.S.1

The Houston lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm are skilled at determining and proving when steering system failures contribute to crashes. Experienced, tenacious, and strategic, our attorneys can help you hold all negligent parties accountable for steering system failures.

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Steering System Failures: The Potential Causes

Steering systems can malfunction or fail due to inherent design flaws, manufacturing errors, or failures to properly maintain a vehicle. Some specific examples of factors that can contribute to steering system failures include:

  • Pump malfunctions and failures
  • Seal or power steering rack failures, which can cause fluid leaks
  • Blockages and/or deterioration of hoses
  • Contamination of power steering fluid
  • Worn down or poorly made power steering belts
  • Low fluid levels that cause excessive, premature wear, and tear on systems.

While steering system failures can occur suddenly, with little to no warning, in some cases, there are warning signs that a system failure may be imminent. Some of these signs can include:

  • Increased difficulty in turning a vehicle’s wheels
  • Whining or squealing noises when turning the wheels
  • A vibrating steering wheel when the vehicle is idling.

If you notice these signs while driving your vehicle, put your hazard lights on, gently apply the brakes, and pull over to the side of the road. Do not continue to drive your vehicle, as a steering system failure that occurs while your vehicle is in motion can:

  • Prevent you from being able to control your vehicle
  • Result in a serious car accident.

Steering System Failures: Who’s Liable?

The underlying cause of a steering system failure will be important to liability determinations. Some parties that may be liable for these failures and the resulting accidents can include:

  • Vehicle equipment makers when design flaws or low-quality materials cause system failures
  • Auto repair technicians or shops when they fail to properly diagnose and/or fix steering system problems
  • Dealerships or vehicle rental businesses when their failures to maintain steering systems result in accidents.

The lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm are ready to partner with you to help you determine who is liable for your steering system failure – and to get you on the path to recovery.  Though we know that compensation can never change permanent injuries and losses, we are also aware of how compensation can provide critical financial support for seeking treatment, focusing on healing and restoring lives.

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If you or a loved one has been harmed by a steering system failure (or any defective device or product), you can turn to an experienced Houston personal injury lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm for exceptional advocacy in the pursuit of recovery and justice.

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1: According to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Power steering system failure commonly results from negligence, like contaminated steering fluid or faulty components. When these systems fail and cause harm, the injured can hold manufacturers and/or others responsible.

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