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Michelle Acosta

Michelle Acosta is a tenacious and passionate trial attorney dedicated to fighting for justice.  From overcoming near-fatal injuries caused by corporate negligence to ascending the ranks of the legal world, Michelle Acosta embodies resilience and advocacy.  Her unwavering commitment to justice isn’t just a career; it’s a life mission.

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Michelle’s journey is nothing short of inspirational.  Although faced with debilitating setbacks due to a lengthy recovery, she not only completed her undergraduate degree but also earned her Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law.  Her tenacity was recognized with an esteemed spot on the Dean’s List—a testament to her relentless pursuit of academic and personal excellence.

Shortly after graduation, Michelle took on the formidable role of General Counsel for a major corporation overseeing 1,800 employees across 15 states.  For nearly half a decade, she skillfully navigated complex legal landscapes, solidifying her reputation as a legal powerhouse.

Today, Michelle practices law in Houston, Texas, where she represents clients throughout Texas in personal injury cases.  While preparing thoroughly for trial, Michelle first pursues fair settlements through assertive negotiation.  She has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

But what truly sets Michelle apart is her international perspective.  Fluent in Spanish and culturally agile, Michelle spent 13 transformative years abroad.  While her family served on U.S. diplomatic missions across Latin America and Southeast Asia, she gained a nuanced understanding of various cultures—an asset that enables her to represent clients from diverse backgrounds with unmatched efficacy.

Michelle’s compassionate yet tough approach has earned her the trust of countless injury victims.  She makes it a priority to understand each client’s unique situation and goals.  Her ability to connect on a human level provides clients much-needed support during difficult times.

Michelle is more than just a lawyer; she’s an empathetic listener, a shrewd negotiator, and a relentless advocate.  She has become the attorney injury victims turn to in their times of greatest need.  Her commitment to clients is unmatched.  Whether you’re seeking justice against negligent corporations or need expert legal guidance, Michelle Acosta is committed to championing your cause.

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