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Houston Oil Rig Explosion Lawyer

Oil rig explosions can be disastrous on a large scale, threatening the lives of all workers on a rig. The tragedy of these accidents can be compounded by the fact that, in many cases, oil rig explosions are caused by preventable negligence.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in an oil rig explosion, the lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm are here for you, ready to:

  • Explain your rights and options for justice
  • Identify all negligent and liable parties and hold them accountable
  • Advocate your rights to compensation for your injuries and losses.

Oil rig explosions and fires are often caused by preventable negligence. When they are, survivors can be entitled to recoveries for pain, suffering, medical bills, and more.

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Common Causes of Explosions

Oil rig explosions can be caused by various factors. In some cases, a combination of these factors may be involved in a single explosion. The following highlights some of the most common contributing factors to oil rig explosions.

Oil Rig Fires
Other Negligence
Common Oil Rig Explosion Injuries
Violations of Safety Regulations: Common Examples
Compensation for Victims of Oil Rig Explosions
How an Attorney Can Help
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