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  • June
    19 2018

    Is the Shortage of Truck Drivers Contributing to More Trucking Wrecks?

    Over the past decade, an increasing shortage of truck drivers has been plaguing the trucking industry. While various factors have likely contributed to the shortage of truckers, the results have had far-reaching impacts on the American public – from delayed deliveries and increasing consumer prices to a greater risk of truck accidents on U.S. roadways. […]

  • June
    14 2018

    Handling Your Medical Bills After A Bus Wreck

    Handling Your Medical Bills After A Bus Wreck   After being in a bus wreck the last thing you want to do is worry about your medical bills. Unfortunately, your bills will start piling up as soon as you are taken to the emergency room. This can be very troubling on top of everything else […]

  • June
    12 2018

    When Trucking Companies Can Be Held Responsible for an Accident

    Motor carriers are required to abide by various laws, rules and regulations in order to minimize the risk that their commercial trucks and drivers will be involved in accidents. All too often, however, these trucking companies fail to live up to their obligations, cutting corners and/or violating the law in an effort to boost profits. […]

  • June
    07 2018

    7 Safety Risks For Bus Transportation

    7 Safety Risks For Bus Transportation Using a bus for transportation can be one of the safest ways to get from point A to point B, however certain circumstances can lead to death or great bodily harm to passengers. When riding buses, we tend to feel safer because we are the biggest thing on the road. […]

  • June
    05 2018

    Injured on the Job While Driving a Truck? 6 Key Reasons to Speak with a Lawyer

    Truckers who are hurt in work-related accidents can have various options for seeking financial recovery. While it can be difficult to know where to turn in the aftermath of these accidents, simply talking to an attorney during a free, no obligations consultation can provide injured truckers with a number of essential insights regarding their legal […]