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Electrocutions often result from carelessness and negligence. When they do, victims can turn to the Amaro Law Firm to determine and pursue their legal options for justice and compensation.

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Nearly every labor job in the U.S. involves some kind of electrical work, including commercial and residential construction, maritime jobs, and refinery jobs. When a worker in one of these fields comes into contact with an electrical power source, there is always the potential for an electrocution accident that can result in injury or death. If you have been harmed in an electrocution accident as a result of another’s negligence, it is advised that you contact a lawyer who can uphold your right to seek adequate injury compensation.

There are many ways in which electricity can cause an injury to someone. The most common type of electrocution injury is a burn, which can come in three different forms: electrical burns, thermal contact burns, and arc burns. Electrical burns occur when electricity directly enters and flows through the body. Thermal contact burns occur when the skin touches the hot surface of an electrical implement, such as an electric conductor or conduit. Arc burns (also known as flash burns) occur when electrical arcs or explosions create very high temperatures that burn the body from some distance. Electrocution can also result in indirect injuries, such as when it causes a victim to spasm and fall from a substantial height.

At Amaro Law Firm, our mission is to seek justice on behalf of individuals who have been victimized by others’ negligence. This means pursuing injury compensation that allows those victims to cover the costs related to their accidents, including medical bills, rehabilitative therapy expenses, and lost wages. We will provide you with compassionate representation in your electrocution case in an effort to prove your claim and recover the full damages that you are entitled to.