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Houston Oil Refinery Injury Lawyer

Oil refineries provide some of the most vital components of modern life. From gasoline for the automobiles that take us where we need to go, to diesel fuel for the trucks and trains that carry nearly every type of consumer good, oil refineries deliver the fuel that keeps our economy moving. However, these refineries are also among some of the most dangerous work spaces in the country. Workers in these facilities endure oil refinery injury incidents all too often. When a worker suffers an oil refinery injury, he or she may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the refinery owner.

Causes of Oil Refinery Injury

The possibilities of an oil refinery injury are always present. In some cases, refinery owners and managers take every precaution to prevent an oil refinery injury from occurring. When these managers fail to protect their workers, they can be held liable for their employees’ injuries. Some causes of oil refinery injuries include:

  • Lack of equipment maintenance
  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Lack of proper safety training
  • Violations of federal and state worker safety regulations
  • Faulty storage procedures for hazardous materials
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