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Houston Oil Field Injuries Lawyer

From North Dakota to Texas, and from California to Pennsylvania, the oil business has experienced an unprecedented expansion. New wells, new technologies and new demands have spiked oil production across the country. The increased production has also increased the demand for oil field workers. Many of these workers receive inadequate safety training, substandard protective equipment, and inexperienced supervision. All of these factors can lead to serious oil field injuries for these workers.

Oil field accidents can cause serious, if not fatal, injuries. Here’s how—and how an attorney can help you when it’s time to recover from oil field injuries.

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Oil Field Injuries and High-Risk Environments

Since the first wells were drilled in Pennsylvania in the early 1800s, oil field injuries have been a job hazard for those who would extract this valuable resource from its underground reserves. Today, oil field injuries can occur at drilling sites, fracking stations and offshore rigs. Heavy machinery, production quotas and high-pressure workplaces add to the risk that oil field workers encounter every day. Oil field workers face risks such as:

  • Oil fires
  • Pipeline explosions
  • Drilling equipment accidents
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Slip and fall injuries
Growth in Oil Field Injuries
Types of Oil Field Injuries
Qualifying for an Oil Field Injuries Lawsuit
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