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Mass Torts

When a manufacturer sells a defective or dangerous product, they place their customers in danger of serious injury or death. When that product is sold across a wide geographic area, and the same or similar injuries affect numerous victims, the manufacturer may become the target of a mass tort lawsuit. A mass tort lawsuit allows victims of similar injuries from the same product to pursue compensation against the manufacturer of a faulty product.

The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm understand the complexities of mass tort law. We have years of experience in helping victims of faulty products, dangerous activities and deceptive trade practices get the compensation they need to recover from injuries and property damage.

How Mass Torts Work

A tort is an unjust action, excluding a breach of contract, that leads to physical, financial or emotional harm to another party. A tort implies that the injured party should receive compensation from the party who committed the wrongful action. Mass tort lawsuits typically involve multiple plaintiffs with a shared claim regarding a specific product, practice, or action. Since the party who committed the injury has injured several other parties, the injured parties can work together in a mass tort lawsuit.

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