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Drivers depend on numerous safety devices to ensure that they reach their destination. A major safety component of most highways is the metal guardrail barrier. A standard guardrail works by absorbing the energy of a moving vehicle. The guardrail collapses and takes the brunt of the impact, reducing the damage to the vehicle and the potential injuries of the driver.

However, an investigation into Trinity Industries, the manufacturer of the ET-Plus guardrail system, found that their guardrails could increase the chances for driver injury. The probe found that Trinity guardrails used a faulty design that could lead to severe injuries, or even fatalities, when struck by a vehicle. The investigation also found that the company lied about the flaws in Trinity guardrails in order to secure funding from federal and state highway departments.

Trinity guardrails have design flaws that quadruple the risk of death when crashes happen. Families who’ve lost loved ones in crashes involving these guardrails have options for holding Trinity liable.

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Trinity Guardrails Lawsuits Cite Design Flaw

The design flaw sparked a number of Trinity guardrails lawsuits. The flaw involves changes the company made to its ET-Plus rail head in 2005. The rail head is the flat portion of the guardrail that absorbs the initial impact. The Trinity guardrails lawsuits allege that the company changed the rail head design by narrowing the channel head. Internal documents showed that the company expected to save $2 per rail head with the new design.

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