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Houston Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawyer

Genetically-modified organisms, or GMO, have become one of the most controversial aspects in the field of food science. Scientists and researchers claim that GMO crops carry added protection against pests and disease that would previously have wiped out entire harvests. Health and environmental advocates believe that GMO crops contain hidden dangers to both consumers and other food sources.

One of the most contentious instances in the GMO debate revolves around the Syngenta GMO corn seed. The seed, also known as Agrisure Viptera, was designed to repel insects that feed off corn crops. These pests include corn earworms and black cutworms, which can ruin a harvest and cost farmers millions. However, a ban on Viptera crops by Chinese officials caused corn prices to drop. The market collapse let to farmers filing Syngenta GMO corn seed lawsuits to recover their lost income.

Reasons for Syngenta GMO Corn Seed Lawsuits

A September 2014 Wall Street Journal report showed that the Syngenta had requested approval of its Viptera seed from the Chinese government in 2010. The company began shipping the crops to China in 2013, despite not receiving approval for Viptera. Chinese officials rejected more than a million metric tons of corn that they believed contained Viptera. A series of Syngenta GMO corn seed lawsuits allege that the Chinese refusal to import the Viptera crops caused corn farmers to lose more than $1 billion and forced prices to drop by more than 60 percent.

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