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Ride sharing services such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have received rave reviews from customers. These services offer low-cost and convenient options over taxi services, limousines and public transportation. While these companies have been praised by customers, the drivers that choose to work for them have reported numerous problems. Many of these issues have led to these drivers filing Uber lawsuits against the company. Many of these Uber lawsuits cite unfair working conditions, broken promises and misclassifying employees.

Victims of Uber accidents can face an uphill battle when it’s time to hold a negligent Uber driver accountable. Here’s why and how victims can protect their rights to recovery.

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Uber Lawsuits and Employee Misclassification

Dozens of drivers have joined in a class-action Uber lawsuit against the company for misclassifying its employees as independent contractors. The Uber lawsuit claims that the service forces its drivers to pay for gasoline, vehicle maintenance and other expenses without reimbursement. The suit also alleges that Uber informs customers that its prices for rides include gratuities and that customers should not offer cash tips to drivers. However, the suit claims that drivers do not receive these included gratuities.

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