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Houston Rideshare & Delivery Accidents Lawyer

Houston Rideshare & Delivery Accident Attorneys

Houston Rideshare & Delivery Accident Attorneys

Ridesharing and food delivery are convenient services of modern times that have changed the ways people travel, shop, dine, and earn a living. While both rideshare and food delivery services can have various benefits for consumers and drivers, these services can also present some difficulties, especially when rideshare or delivery drivers are involved in crashes.

The Houston attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have a deep understanding of these difficulties, how to overcome them, and how to advocate accident victims’ rights when it is time to seek financial recovery. Relentless and strategic, our lawyers can provide you with unparalleled representation – and help you maximize your recovery – if you have been harmed in a rideshare crash or a delivery car accident.

Hurt in a Rideshare or Delivery Crash?

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Rideshare and delivery accidents create unique challenges when it’s time to file a claim. The Amaro Law Firm can help victims navigate these complexities on the road to recovery.

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Uber Accidents

Uber accidents can occur when drivers are offline (i.e., not logged onto the Uber app) or online (i.e., logged onto the app). When these crashes occur during the online period, the Uber driver’s status at the time of the accident will impact the insurance coverage that applies and, namely, whether the personal auto insurance policy and/or Uber’s insurance provides coverage.

While Uber’s insurer (the James River Insurance Company) provides coverage when drivers are transporting riders, there can be a gap in coverage when drivers are using the rideshare app and they are:

Waiting for a ride request

Traveling to pick up a rider after accepting a ride request

Insurance companies can leverage these coverage gaps to avoid paying valid Uber accident claims. This can present challenges for Uber car accident victims seeking compensation for their crash-related injuries and losses.

Uber & Lyft Sexual Assaults
GrubHub Delivery Accidents
Instacart Delivery Accidents

Like GrubHub, Instacart is a food delivery service that relies on drivers, who are independent contractors, to transport products from local grocers and retailers to customers’ front doors. Also like GrubHub, Instacart does NOT provide auto insurance coverage for its drivers (who the company refers to as “full-service shoppers”).

Instead, Instacart requires drivers to take out and maintain their own personal auto insurance policy that, at least, meets the minimum coverage required by state law.

Again, this can create a coverage gap if a crash occurs during the course of a delivery, making it particularly challenging for accident victims to know and pursue their recovery option(s).

DoorDash Delivery Accidents
Amazon Flex Delivery Accidents

Protect Your Rights, Claim & Recovery: Contact a Houston Car Accident Lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm

If you or a loved one has been hurt in any type of rideshare or delivery accident or assault, it is time to contact a Houston car accident lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm. We are experienced at representing motorists, riders, and others in accident and injury claims involving Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, Instacart, DoorDash, and Amazon Flex.

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At the Amaro Law Firm, our attorneys have prior experience in insurance defense and vast experience successfully resolving accident and injury claims. This combination of experience empowers us with the insights, knowledge, and skills to effectively:

  • Stand up to insurers
  • Diffuse their tactics for underpaying or denying our clients’ valid claims
  • Guide our clients through every step of the recovery process
  • Set our clients’ claims up for the best resolutions possible.

We are focused on helping the injured obtain the compensation they need and deserve so they can focus on healing and restoring their lives.

While we understand that permanent injuries and losses may never be erased by monetary compensation, we also know that these recoveries can be the key to rebuilding lives.

The Amaro Law Firm’s record of superior representation and success in motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases has earned us exceptional testimonials from former clients and 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook.