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Our Commitment to Service Standards

Our Commitment to Service Standards

We are proud to share our commitments to Service Standards with our clients and potential clients.  Here is the bottom line:  we are different from any other law firm that handles injury and wrongful death cases.  We are purpose driven to serve others.  We say what we do and we do what we say.  Not only are we known for delivering excellent results for our clients, but we also believe that our purpose is to help others by being responsible stewards with the skills and abilities blessed upon our team. 

We believe in the system.  We truly believe in our right to a fair and impartial jury trial.  We wholeheartedly believe that the justice system works if we work and that we merely serve as the vessels for justice to our clients.  We understand that all cases are different and that when the going gets tough for a case, we are grounded and humbled by the fact that this difficulty is exactly why our clients need us.  We take our responsibilities seriously because it is simply who we are.  We cannot be any other way.

Our service standards below will provide you with further insight into how we expect our team to treat our clients and what our clients have come to expect from our team.

Amaro Law Firm’s Promise to Our Clients

Our team values its responsibilities to our clients.  We see our team as the David standing up to billion-dollar goliaths such as the insurance industry and corporations.  We believe that safety should come before money and not the other way around.  We believe not only in responsibility, but also in accountability.  We are Justice Driven™ and leave no stone, pebble, or grain of sand unturned in our commitment to justice for our clients.

We make the following promises to each one of our clients:

  • Clients will speak with their attorney or case manager the same day they call or before 10:00 AM the following morning if the call is after 3:00 PM;
  • Clients will receive regular and timely updates on their cases;
  • Clients will be treated with the utmost respect by every person at our firm;
  • Clients will receive service from well-trained and competent professionals;
  • Clients will have all of their questions answered timely and in a manner that is concise and easy to understand;
  • Clients will receive our full attention when discussing and managing their cases;
  • Clients can expect a fair, written fee agreement for our services; and
  • Clients will always have the final say on decisions affecting their cases.

Our Relationship with Our Clients

We build all of our client relationships on trust.  We strive to provide clarity and set expectations with our clients.  We work hard to earn the trust of our clients so that they in turn will be forthcoming with all the details of their cases, even ones that may be less favorable.  We must make it clear to all Amaro Law Firm clients that anything they tell us is confidential to the extent provided by law and as necessary to represent them.  We are 100% on your side.  A transparent relationship helps us provide you with the very best service and legal representation. 

Developing an effective case strategy requires that we work closely with our clients.  Clients’ recollections about their accident, work conditions, injuries, and other details are critical to the development of their case.  The more information we have, the better we can represent the clients so we can get the very best outcome for their cases.

Our Communication Policy

When you work with the Amaro Law Firm, you will never be left in the dark.  Clarity is kindness.  We believe in efficient, effective, and thorough communication with all our clients.  We see to it that our clients have clear expectations by helping them understand the insurance claims, litigation, trial, and appellate processes.  We present our clients with available options available so they can make informed decisions about their case with the guidance of our legal team.  We will always keep clients informed and updated.  We will update them on the status of their cases and answer and address any questions or concerns.

Preferred Methods of Contact

Below are some of our communication policies for our clients’ information: that our clients:

  •  Office phone calls:  Clients may call our office any time for status updates or other details about their claim.  If they are unable to reach someone assigned to their case right away, our receptionist will escalate urgent matters to get a call back within 24 hours.
  •  Text Messages:  Clients may text us through our software to receive information or updates on their case.  We are a technologically savvy law firm, and many clients these days prefer text messages to phone calls, especially during business hours.
  •  Emails:  Clients can also email our office with any questions, concerns, or developments with their case.  The quickest way for clients to have questions answered is to make sure they understand that the best point of contact is the case manager or paralegal assigned to their case.  If for some reason the email is not received (i.e., spam filter or accidently missed), our clients may try texting or calling.
  •  Phone conference with your attorney:  Clients should feel free to schedule a phone call with their attorney periodically if they need it.  We must be able to dedicate the time and attention necessary to provide the very best service.  Clients can schedule a phone call with their attorney by calling our office and speaking with the case manager or paralegal assigned to their case.
  • Office consultations: While we will always do our very best to accommodate any emergency drop-in visits, it is best that clients understanding calling ahead to schedule an in-person consultation will ensure that their attorney or other professional is available to meet with them without long waiting room delays or other distractions.  Please set an appointment as wait times can be long without one.service