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Zachary D. Norris – Of Counsel

As a trial attorney, Mr. Norris, focuses on personal injury, maritime, business claims, insurance claims, and consumer protection. Through his extensive litigation experience, Mr. Norris has worked in high-pressure litigation with millions of dollars at stake. Mr. Norris also worked for a large maritime insurance defense firm for several years, defending major offshore oil companies in Jones Act and Longshore claims. From his experiences, he understands the complexities and strategies that insurers and companies use against individuals. This deep knowledge has become a major advantage for his clients who hire Mr. Norris to serve their legal needs.

Raised in rough and tumble Odessa, Texas, Mr. Norris champions his clients’ cases with the bravado of a West Texas gunslinger and the guts of a high stakes poker player. However, litigation often requires finesse and stage presence. As a former performing classical pianist and Americana singer and song-writer in his youth, Mr. Norris feels at home on the stage of the courtroom and can command the attention and respect of the jury and the judge.

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A lawsuit is very much like a game of chess, but with four players which include the two opposing legal teams and the two opposing parties. In today’s fast paced world of instant communication and computerized access to information, it is the lawyer able to quickly assimilate and incorporate that information and nimbly adjust his strategies who will win “the game.” Mr. Norris prides himself on his ability to take a detailed and complicated fact scenario and boil it down to its core essence in order to communicate his client’s story to the jury. It is this special combination of skills and sense of relentlessness which Mr. Norris brings to the bar for each and every one of his clients.

Mr. Norris believes passionately in his clients’ causes and knows that the decks are often stacked against the individual and the party wronged. Mr. Norris is not afraid to take on large opponents with million dollar budgets and has out litigated lawyers with decades more experience to make sure that his clients get everything to which they are entitled. Mr. Norris truly believes that plaintiff litigation is one of the truest expressions of self-governance in our democratic system. Through litigating for his clients, Mr. Norris believes that we can change corporate policies that injure people and damage consumers, that we can change insurance practices that negatively affect both the injured person and the insured, and that overall we can make our nation a safer place with standards that are equal and fair for everyone.