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Causes of Boating Accidents in Houston

Boat accidents can be caused by multiple factors, some of which may simultaneously contribute to a single crash. When these factors involve the negligence or carelessness of boat operators or others, accident victims can have various options for holding the negligent parties accountable and seeking financial recovery for their injuries and losses.

For decades, the Houston lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm have been dedicated advocates for boat accident victims, helping them pursue all available legal remedies.

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Top Causes of Boating Accidents

Boat Accident Causes

Boat Accident Causes

Some of the most common causes of boat accidents in Texas (and across the U.S.) include:

  • Operator inattention – Distracted, inattentive boat operators are considered to be the number one cause of boating accidents, according to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).1 While operator inattention can lead to accidents with other vessels or fixed objects (like piers), it can also result in accidents when boating operators fail to promptly, appropriately respond to volatile water, and/or weather conditions.
  • Operator inexperience – Operators who fail to obtain the necessary safety training2 are far more likely to violate boating regulations or engage in other risky behaviors that can cause accidents. In fact, according to the USCG,1 operator inexperience is the 2nd leading cause of recreational boat accidents.
  • Speeding –Excessive speeds can make it far more difficult for operators to control, slow or stop boats, all of which can be especially problematic on busier waterways or with more adverse water or weather conditions. As the 4th leading cause of boating accidents, speeding contributes to about 360 boat crashes annually.1
  • Boat equipment malfunctions – Mechanical failures are the 5th leading cause of boating accidents, causing at least 320 accidents and 115 injuries each year.1 While these equipment failures can be the result of boat owners or operators failing to properly maintain their vessels, they can also arise from inherently flawed or dangerous equipment being installed on boats.
  • Operator impairment – Boat operators who are impaired by alcohol cause about 50 percent of all boating accidents in Texas.3 Across the U.S., alcohol impairment is the 6th leading cause of boating accidents, contributing to more than 280 accidents and nearly 90 deaths each year.1
  • Failure to comply with Texas boating regulations – Causing more than 210 boat accidents each year, violations of boating regulations and navigation rules is the 8th leading cause of boat accidents across the U.S.1

These and other forms of negligence are far more likely to contribute to serious (if not deadly) boat accidents when factors like (but not limited to) the following are also at play:

  • Boats are taken out in poor weather or in low-visibility conditions.
  • Those on the boat are not wearing life jackets (that have been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard).
  • Boats are overloaded with passengers and/or cargo.
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