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Injuries Caused by Houston Boating Accidents

Injuries Caused by Boating Accidents

Injuries Caused by Boating Accidents

More than 2,900 people in the U.S. were injured in recreational boating accidents last year.1

While the nature and severity of these injuries vary widely, the most serious ones have far more profound impacts than simply causing physical impairments.

In many cases, serious boat accident injuries can also cause lasting psychological damage and financial impacts that may change victims’ and families’ lives forever.

At the Amaro Law Firm, our lawyers know how important effective legal representation can be when it is time to seek recovery and justice in the aftermath of a boating accident. That is one of the reasons why our attorneys are dedicated to helping injured boat accident victims:

  • Protect their rights and build strong claims
  • Pursue all available legal remedies to maximize their recovery
  • Successfully navigate the claims and recovery process so victims and families can focus on healing, getting treatment and rebuilding their lives. 
Most Common Types of Boat Accident Injuries

While boat accidents can cause a range of injuries, some of the most common include: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) – Objects striking a head, falling down and explosions on boats can all contribute to TBIs. While milder TBIs like concussions can respond well to treatment, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that even mild TBIs can have cumulative, lasting impacts. In the worst cases, TBIs can cause irreversible and debilitating impairments, like problems with coordination, mobility, cognition, perception, mood and/or speech.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Blunt trauma, as well as hyperextension, can lead to vertebral fractures and/or pinching or severing of the spinal cord. These injuries can cause nerve damage, mobility impairments and an inability to control bodily functions. In the most serious cases, spinal cord injuries can cause permanent paralysis in the form of paraplegia or quadriplegia.
  • Electrocutions – When boating equipment malfunctions or hits powerlines, those aboard (or swimming by) the vessel can be electrocuted. While this injury is not as common as other types of boating injuries, at least a handful of people across the U.S. are electrocuted in boating accidents each year.1
  • Disfigurement – Scarring and loss of limbs are two of the primary ways that boating accidents can disfigure victims. In many cases, disfigurement can have emotional impacts, like depression.
  • Emotional & psychological injuries – While these impacts can be more difficult to notice than physical injuries from boating accidents, they are no less damaging. In fact, the psychological and emotional damage from boating accidents can manifest as post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety and depression (among other conditions). These types of injuries can last for years and require personalized, ongoing treatment.
  • Fatal injuries – More than 700 people in the U.S. were fatally injured in boating accidents last year. Of these, about 80 percent were drownings. In drowning incidents, more than 4 in every 5 victims was reportedly not wearing a life jacket when the accident occurred.

How to Recover from Boat Accident Injuries: The Legal Options
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