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GrubHub Delivery Accidents

Houston GrubHub Delivery Accident Attorneys

Houston GrubHub Delivery Accident Attorneys

GrubHub offers a convenient way to get restaurant cuisine delivered to your front door. Available in Houston and other major cities in Texas (and across the U.S.), GrubHub relies on drivers, who are independent contractors, to carry out the deliveries using their personal vehicles. While this business model can have its advantages for diners, drivers, and GrubHub, it can also present some challenges when GrubHub delivery accidents occur.

At the Amaro Law Firm, our Houston attorneys have extensive experience helping accident victims seek the compensation they deserve in the aftermath of GrubHub delivery accidents. Tireless, strategic, and diligent, we can protect your rights as we guide you through every step of the claim and recovery process.

Hurt in a GrubHub Delivery Accident?

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GrubHub Driver Insurance Requirements

To understand that difficulties that can arise following GrubHub delivery accidents, it’s first important to know that GrubHub requires1 its drivers to have their own personal auto insurance coverage, which must be at least the minimums set by state law.2

Having personal auto insurance coverage is just one of GrubHub’s driver requirements. Others include (and are not limited to) drivers having to:

  • Be at least 19 years old with at least 2 years of driving experience
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Pass a background check.

GrubHub partners with drivers who fulfill the necessary requirements, retaining them as independent contractors. While this can give drivers the freedom to set their schedules and work little or as much as they like, it also means that GrubHub does not have the legal responsibility to provide auto insurance coverage for drivers.

As a result, GrubHub does NOT currently provide commercial auto insurance coverage for its drivers.

Effectively, this means that, if a GrubHub driver is at-fault for an accident, the coverage(s) that (s)he has elected to take out and maintain will likely be the only one(s) that may come into play.


When GrubHub Delivery Accidents Occur: Beware of the Insurance Gap

A major problem that can arise when GrubHub delivery accidents happen is the potential gap in insurance coverage. This gap can arise when a driver has not taken out a commercial auto insurance policy, in addition to the personal auto insurance policy.

Here’s why:

  • Personal auto insurance policies commonly contain complicated, confusing language regarding the transport of something (including delivery orders) for compensation.
  • If a GrubHub driver causes an accident in the course of making a delivery (picking up or dropping off an order), the driver’s insurance company may try to leverage the elusive policy language to deny coverage, arguing that the policy does not cover crashes occurring while driving for compensation.

Ultimately, this can mean that:

  • When working for GrubHub, drivers who have not specifically taken out a commercial auto insurance policy may have limited to zero coverage.
  • Drivers who are at-fault for accidents while they are on-the-clock may have to pay damages out their own pockets.
  • Accident victims may face significant difficulties in trying to recover the full amount of compensation they deserve.

Can GrubHub Be Liable for the Crashes Caused by Its Drivers?

Despite the fact that GrubHub seems to offload liability for driver accidents onto the drivers themselves, certain factors can make the company liable for its driver’s accidents. These can include (and are not limited to) GrubHub failing to:

  • Verify a driver’s age and/or the validity of his or her license in the hiring process
  • Conduct a background check in the hiring process
  • Dismiss drivers who are known to be dangerous (due to recent traffic infractions or crashes, for instance).

These and other forms of negligence can result in unqualified and/or unsafe drivers working for GrubHub. When that occurs, GrubHub can be held accountable for the accidents caused by its unqualified or dangerous drivers.

How Can an Attorney Help with a GrubHub Delivery Accident Claim?

A lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm can help GrubHub accidents victims level the playing field with insurance companies. After explaining victims’ rights and legal options, we can:

  • Gather the necessary evidence and assemble the strongest possible claims
  • Deal and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of our clients
  • Prevent insurers from wrongfully undervaluing or denying our clients’ valid claims
  • Work diligently to help victims secure the recoveries they deserve.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt in a wreck caused by or involving a GrubHub delivery driver, a Houston car accident attorney at the Amaro Law Firm is ready to partner with you in the pursuit of recovery and justice.

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While we realize that the permanent losses from GrubHub delivery accidents may never be reversed by compensation, we also know that these recoveries can be pivotal to rebuilding lives.

The Amaro Law Firm’s record of exceptional representation and success in car accident cases has earned us glowing testimonials from former clients and 5-star ratings on Google and Facebook.


1: More on GrubHub’s driver requirements
2: More on Texas’ auto insurance requirements & the new requirements set by Texas House Bill 1733

GrubHub drivers who crash while on the clock may not have the coverage they expect. Here’s why and what the victims of these accidents can do to protect their rights.

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