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Grocery Delivery Accidents

Houston Instacart Delivery Accident Attorneys

Houston Instacart Delivery Accident Attorneys

Instacart delivers thousands of products from local grocers, big box stores, and other retailers to consumers’ front doors. While Instacart deliveries can save consumers time while earning drivers money, accidents involving delivery drivers can cause serious injuries – as well as uncertainty and complications when it’s time for victims to file a claim for compensation.

At the Amaro Law Firm, our Houston attorneys are skilled at helping accident victims successfully navigate the complexities of Instacart delivery accident claims. With prior experience in insurance defense, we have extensive knowledge of the tactics insurers can use to undervalue and deny valid claims. Backed with this experience, tenacity, and dedication, we can help accident victims advocate their rights, stand up to insurer(s) and seek the recoveries deserved for their Instacart accident claims.

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Delivery Accidents: Common Causes

Any number of factors can contribute to Instacart delivery accidents, including (but not limited to):

  • Delivery driver negligence – This can include anything from driver impairment to violations of traffic laws. For instance, distraction can be a problem for delivery drivers when they are trying to find their way in new areas, handle navigation devices, keep cargo from spilling, etc. Speeding, sudden stops, parking illegally, and other risky behaviors can also occur when drivers are late, disoriented in new neighbors, and/or rushing to make deliveries within a certain timeframe.
  • Other motorist negligence – Any other motorist on the road can also be impaired, careless, or otherwise negligent and end up contributing to Instacart delivery accidents. Drunk driving, distracted driving, and failing to comply with traffic laws are just a few examples of other motorists’ negligence.

When Instacart delivery drivers are at least partly at fault for causing accidents, they will be liable for compensating the victims for their medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. Determining all negligent parties, including whether other motorists’ negligence may have been involved, will be essential to improving victims’ recoveries.

When Instacart Delivery Drivers Are At Fault for a Crash: What Victims MUST Know

Instacart has gone the way of other successful food delivery services before it (including GrubHub) by:

  • Requiring drivers,1 who Instacart refers to as “full-service shoppers,” to carry at least the minimum auto insurance coverage (as required by state law)
  • Hiring drivers as independent contractors, not employees
  • Not providing commercial auto insurance coverage to its drivers.

This typically means that:

  • Instacart is trying to insulate itself from liability – By hiring drivers as independent contractors and placing the insurance burden on them, Instacart is essentially offloading liability onto drivers. Despite this, however, Instacart CAN still be liable for certain accidents. For instance, if the company failed to conduct the proper screening during the hiring process (like license verifications and criminal history checks), Instacart can be liable for the harm caused by unqualified or dangerous shopper-drivers it has hired.
  • The only coverage an Instacart shopper/driver may have is his or her personal auto insurance – These policies can contain complicated, elusive language regarding coverage for any driving that involves the transport of people or products for compensation.
  • Insurers may refuse coverage in the event of an accident during a delivery – If an Instacart shopper-driver is at-fault for a crash while picking up or dropping off orders, his or her personal auto insurance provider may refuse to provide coverage, alleging that these accidents occurred during commercial driving activities and the policy only covers non-commercial (personal) driving activities. This can be true even if there is no specific or clear language to this effect in the policy.

While these (and other) factors can make the recovery process confusing, if not overwhelming and distressing, it’s important for the injured to remember that they do NOT have to navigate the recovery process alone. An attorney at the Amaro Law Firm can be an essential ally and advocate at every point in the aftermath of Instacart delivery accidents, helping victims take the right steps to get on the path to recovery and justice.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt in an Instacart delivery crash, it is time to contact a Houston car accident lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm. We are ready to partner with you in the pursuit of compensation and justice.

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The experienced attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm are dedicated to working to help you receive compensation to which you may be entitled. While we know that permanent losses may never be restored by monetary compensation, we also know that these recoveries can be pivotal to rebuilding lives.

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1: More on Instacart shopper requirements

Liability for grocery delivery accidents can be difficult to prove, and insurance coverage issues can be even more complicated. Here’s why and what victims can do to protect their rights.

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