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Defective seats in cars and trucks can cause serious injuries in even relatively minor collisions. While these defects can arise from design flaws, they can also result from manufacturing errors and failures to properly test the safety of seats.

At the Amaro Law Firm, our lawyers are experienced at determining and proving when seat defects have contributed to accident victims’ injuries. Strategic and tenacious, our attorneys can help you pursue all available legal remedies and maximize your recovery when seat defects (or other vehicle equipment failures) harm you.

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Types of Defects in Vehicle Seats

Houston Vehicle Seat Defect Attorneys

Houston Vehicle Seat Defect Attorneys

Vehicle seat defects can come in many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Collapsing seatbacks
  • Forward-thrusting seatbacks
  • Weakly structured seats with faulty adjusters, locks, and/or supports that can break with or without impact.

These and other vehicle seat defects can cause problems like (but not limited to):

  • Preventing drivers from being able to control vehicles
  • Reducing the effectiveness of seatbelts and restraint systems
  • Crushing vehicle occupants
  • Slamming vehicle occupants into the dashboard or windshield
  • Trapping passengers in the back seat under deformed collapsed front seats.

While these problems can cause serious injuries ranging from traumatic brain injury to spinal cord injuries and loss of limbs, in severe crashes, defective seats can contribute to deadly injuries.

Defective Child Car Seats

Tragically, car seat defects may not be limited to the fixed seats in vehicles. They can also affect infant and child car seats. Some examples of these defects include:

  • Faulty adjusters, which may become locked, spontaneously loosen and/or dangerously restrain children in seats after a crash
  • Malfunctioning latches and/or buckles, which can give too much slack, trap a child in the seat or eject a child from the seat
  • Faulty harnesses, which may break during a collision and eject a child from the seat
  • Coupling hook failures, which can prevent car seats from being properly secured and attached to the base
  • Weak or broken seat frames, which can fail to properly support or protect a child in the event of a crash
  • Use of flammable materials, which may easily ignite and put a child at risk of burn injuries.

Recalls for Defective Car Seats

When car seats are found to be defective, regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or car seat manufacturers can issue recalls to fix the problem(s) and prevent the dangerous seats from causing more harm.

Manufacturers are generally responsible for contacting vehicle/seat owners about these recalls. However, this does not necessarily or always occur, partly due to the fact that manufacturers may not have any or current contact information for affected vehicle owners.

Consequently, the NHTSA has set up search tools that vehicle owners and parents can use to proactively check if their car seats (or other vehicle components) have been recalled:

  • This tool lets you search by vehicle identification number (VIN) for any car seat recalls (for fixed seats in vehicles).
  • This tool lets you search for infant and child car seat recalls (and it only provides recall information for seats made within the past 10 years).

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Seat defects can trap, crush, and otherwise hurt vehicle occupants. No matter what injuries seat defects may cause, victims can hold manufactures accountable and seek the recovery they deserve.

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