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Vehicle Electrical System Defects & Failures

Vehicle Electrical System Defects & Failures

An electrical system feeds essential power to vital components of a vehicle. Consisting of the battery, the starter and the alternator, a properly functioning electrical system is the key to starting and running a vehicle.

When vehicle electrical systems experience problems or failures:

  • Cars can shut down.
  • Motorists may not be able to control their vehicles.
  • Accidents can happen.

At the Amaro Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced at representing those who have been harmed by dangerous equipment, like defective electrical systems. Skilled at protecting our clients’ rights and interests in any legal setting, our lawyers can help you determine who is liable for your vehicle’s electrical system failures – and we can get you on the path to justice.

Hurt by an Electrical System Defect or Failure?

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Types of Electrical System Problems That Can Impact Vehicles

Given the complexity of automotive electrical systems, there are a number of problems that can impact these systems. These can include (and are not at all limited to):

  • Bad battery cables
  • Loose battery connections
  • Bad alternators
  • Defective car batteries
  • Missing, broken or defective fuses
  • Brittle or worn-down fusible links
  • Defective starters or solenoids
  • Bad wires
  • Cracked or loose alternator belts
  • Loose spark plugs
  • Bad ignition switches.

These and other electrical system problems can result in vehicle malfunctions and dangers, such as (but not restricted to):

  • Intermittent or permanent lapses in vehicle power
  • Motorists losing control of a vehicle
  • The start of a vehicle fire.

Signs of Automotive Electrical System Problems

Some of the more common signs that a vehicle’s electrical system is experiencing problems can include (but may not be limited to):

  • Flickering dash lights, interior lights and/or exterior lights (like headlights and brake lights)
  • Radio cutting out or ceasing to work
  • Momentary or periodic loss of power windows or interior computer screens
  • Engine dying
  • Disabled safety systems
  • The smell of burning plastic
  • Smoke.

If you notice any of these signs while you are driving a vehicle, pull over to safe area immediately, and call for help. Do not continue to drive your vehicle, as a catastrophic system failure may be imminent – and that could put you at a high risk of losing control of your vehicle and getting into an accident.

Causes of Electrical System Problems & Failures

Various factors can contribute to electrical system defects, malfunctions and failures. In many cases, some form of negligence (like the following) is involved:

  • Electrical system design flaws
  • Failures to test the safety and efficacy of the electrical system
  • Poorly made electrical systems, such as those made of sub-standard materials
  • Failures to properly install the electrical system
  • Improper repairs made to the electrical system.

Vehicle makers, parts’ manufacturers and/or others can be liable when negligence causes problems with electrical systems and, ultimately, causes harm to vehicle occupants (or others).

An attorney at the Amaro Law Firm can help you determine if negligence and electrical system malfunctions may have played a role in causing your accident and injuries.

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Vehicles with electrical system defects can be impossible to safely control. When these defects cause crashes and harm, automakers and others can be liable for the resulting injuries and losses.

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