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Houston Defective Seat Belts Lawyer

Houston Defective Seat Belt Lawyers

Houston Defective Seat Belt Lawyers

Seat belts can be one of the most important safety features of passenger vehicles. In fact, when car accidents happen, being buckled up with a properly functioning seat belt can reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 45 percent – and the risk of moderate to critical injuries by about 50 percent.1

Tragically, however, not everyone who is diligent about buckling up will be protected by the seat belt. When seat belts are not properly designed, manufactured or installed, they can malfunction or fail. That, in turn, can put buckled up vehicle occupants at a serious risk of suffering life-threatening injuries in traffic crashes.

At the Amaro Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to helping accident victims pursue justice and compensation when seat belt defects and failures cause them harm. Known for our diligence, experience and record of success, our attorneys can provide you with exceptional advocacy as we help you bring your claim to the best possible resolution.

Seat belt defects can entrap occupants or intensify their injuries in a crash. Those harmed by seat belt defects may have options for seeking justice and holding negligent manufacturers accountable.

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Types of Seat Belt Defects & Failures

Seat belt defects and failures can come in various forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Buckle and/or trigger defects, which can cause seat belts to release with little to no pressure
  • Cable failures, causing seat belts to become detached from the vehicle
  • Design flaws, like putting the seat belt anchor point in an unsafe location
  • Latch problems, such as failures to remain latched or failures to unlatch
  • Material or weaving defects, which can result in belts ripping or tearing
  • Retractor defects, which can cause extra slack in seat belts.

These and other seat belt defects can cause injuries like (but not limited to):

Seat Belt Defects & Failures: How They Happen & Who Is Liable for Them
Recoveries for Those Injured by Seat Belt Defects & Failures
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