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Car doors are key structural parts of vehicles that can protect occupants from outside conditions, as well as from the impact of collisions. When vehicle doors malfunction, however, occupants can suffer serious, possibly life-threatening injuries regardless of whether a crash happens.

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Hurt by a Car Door Defect or Failure?

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Car door defects can trap occupants or eject them from a vehicle. Automakers, engineers, and others can be liable when defective car doors contribute to injuries, losses, and suffering.

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Types of Car Door Defects & Failures

The defects that can cause car doors to malfunction can come in various forms, including (but not limited to) problems with the:

  • Latches and/or locks – Both of these features keep doors shut when they are closed or permit them to open when occupants pull the door handle. Car door latch and lock defects can include sticky or jammed latches or locks, failures to remain connected or locked and failures to disengage.
  • Remote rods – The remote rod connects the door handle to the latch. Remote rod defects can include broken rods, twisted rods and distorted rods. Any of these defects can prevent occupants from being able to open or close vehicle doors.
  • Door handles – The handle allows an occupant to control the position and function of a car door at any given time. Defects with door handles can cause them to break or malfunction, preventing occupants from being able to control the car door.
  • Door structure and/or hatch – The structure and hatch of the door protect the internal mechanisms responsible for the door’s proper functioning. If the structure or hatch is weak or poorly designed, it is far more likely that latches, locks, remote rods and other components will be damaged. That, in turn, can increase the risk of malfunctions and car door failures.

When these (or other) vehicle door defects prevent occupants from being able to control the position and function of doors, incredibly dangerous situations can arise. These can include (but not limited to):

  • Doors flying open while a vehicle is moving or upon the impact of a collision
  • Vehicle occupants being trapped in vehicles, unable to open doors – This can possibly require the Jaws of Life to remove trapped occupants.
  • Vehicle occupants being ejected from vehicles – More than 3 in 4 people who are ejected from a vehicle during a collision suffer fatal injuries.1
Causes of Vehicle Door Defects & Failures
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