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How Parking Lot Maintenance Failures Cause Accidents

Parking lots are designed to be relatively low maintenance. That doesn’t mean that parking lots have zero maintenance needs, however. In fact, while some parking lots may require monthly maintenance, others may need daily maintenance. It all depends on the type of lot and how it’s used.

Whenever parking lots aren’t adequately maintained, they can become unsafe places where accidents and injuries happen, as the following explains.

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Parking Lot Maintenance Requirements: What Does It Take to Maintain a Parking Lot?

How Parking Lot Maintenance Failures Cause Accidents

How Parking Lot Maintenance Failures Cause Accidents

Various elements of parking lots need to be maintained in order to keep them safe. This includes (and is not limited to):

  • Asphalt and pavement: Pavement maintenance will keep the surface of the parking lot smooth and easy to traverse for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Pavement paint and/or reflectors: Restriping parking lot lines, repainting loading zone areas, and replacing missing reflectors are just of the maintenance requirements for these key features.
  • Security cameras and other security features: Maintaining surveillance cameras, security gates, call boxes, and other security features can require anything from regular system checks to electrical maintenance and more.
  • Signage: Clearing vegetation that grows over signage is important to make sure people can still see, read, and respect them. Other essential ways to keep parking lot signs maintained is to replace broken or missing signs, cleaning signage covered in dirt or debris, and replace signs destroyed by graffiti.
  • Lighting: Lighting maintenance in parking lots can require anything from replacing dim or broken bulbs to replacing entire lamp posts when they’re damaged by a crash.
  • Landscaping: Mowing grass, trimming trees, and other landscape maintenance can keep obstructions out of the way of vehicles, pedestrians, lighting, signs, and anything else that may be in the lot.

Parking Lot Maintenance Failures: The Dangers of Poorly Maintained Parking Lots

When any key feature of a parking lot is not properly maintained, drivers and pedestrians will have a much harder time safely moving through the lot. Some common examples of parking lot maintenance failures include (and aren’t limited to):

  • Cracks, potholes, ruts, and other pavement defects
  • Fading paint, a lack of parking spot striping, and missing reflectors
  • Malfunctioning or broken security features, like cameras and gates
  • Blocked, broken, vandalized, or missing signage
  • Dim or broken lighting
  • Overgrown landscaping.

While these maintenance failures can increase the risks of accidents, they can also contribute to more criminal activity in a parking lot.

Who’s Responsible for Parking Lot Maintenance?

Parties who may be responsible for parking lot maintenance may include (and aren’t necessarily limited to):

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Maintenance crew
  • Contractors, like security guards, landscaping professionals, and others.

When any party who’s responsible for parking lot maintenance fails to stand up to their obligations, they can be liable for the accidents, injuries, and harm any suffers as a result of their failures.

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