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When Poor Security Causes Parking Lot Accidents, Injuries & Deaths

When Poor Security Causes Parking Lot Accidents, Injuries & Deaths

When Poor Security Causes Parking Lot Accidents, Injuries & Deaths

Parking lot security features can go a long way to keeping people safe. In fact, when people are aware that parking lots have security and surveillance, they are far more likely to follow the rules. While that can be a significant deterrent against crime, it can also reduce the risk of accidents.

At the Amaro Law Firm, we know the important role security can play in keeping parking lots safe—and we know how a lack of security can contribute to accidents and serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt in a parking lot that didn’t have enough (or any) security features, the following provides helpful insights regarding who may be liable for your losses.

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6 Key Elements of Parking Lot Security

Parking lot security can take many forms. Typically, a parking lot will require some combination of the following security features to keep drivers and pedestrians safe whenever they’re moving through the lot:

  1. Security guards: Guards stationed at the entrance and/or exit of parking lots, as well as patrolling guards, can keep an eye the lot and who’s in it. They can also offer assistance to those who need it, like disabled or elderly individuals who may need extra help moving about the lot.
  2. Security cameras: Cameras that monitor and record the activities in a parking lot are another important security feature. They not only deter misbehavior and criminal activities, but they can also provide key evidence and help track down those who cause harm to others in the lot.
  3. Signage: Posting signs that a lot is being monitored and/or security is onsite is another effective way to keep lots secure and safe. When people aware that a parking lot is being monitored, they’re far less likely to break the rules—or to flee the scene if they cause an accident.
  4. Response: Surveillance is meaningless without quick and appropriate responses. So, it’s not merely enough to have guards, cameras, and/or signs. There must also be some response action plan so that help arrives quickly whenever people in a parking lot need it.
  5. Lighting: Sufficient lighting, both in terms of lamp location and illumination, is critical to keeping parking lots secure, especially at night. While lighting can be crucial to the effectiveness of security cameras, it can also empower motorists and pedestrians in the parking lot look out for themselves and be aware of their surroundings.
  6. Layout: The overall design and layout of a parking lot play a key role in how safe a parking lot is. If all areas of the lot are visible, well lit, and easy to access, the risks of accidents and criminal activity can sharply decline.

When parking lots lack security features, they can be dangerous places where accidents and crime are more likely to occur.

Parking Lot Security Failures: Examples & Liability

Parking lot security failures can take many forms, including (but not limited to):

  • Distracted, sleeping, or poorly trained security guards
  • Broken, obstructed, or malfunctioning security cameras
  • Insufficient or no response when accidents or crime occur in parking lots
  • Poor and outdated lighting that reduces visibility in any area of the parking lot
  • Poorly designed parking lots that have hard-to-see or difficult-to-access areas.

When security failures lead to parking lot accidents, parties like (but not limited to) the following can be liable for the resulting accidents, injuries, and losses:

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Parking lot security companies
  • Security camera manufacturers
  • Engineers or architects who designed an unsafe parking lot
  • Motorists or others who are at fault for accidents
  • Perpetrators of crimes.

Anyone who has been harmed in a parking lot that lacked the proper security features can rely on the Amaro Law Firm for help:

  • Protecting their rights
  • Identifying all parties who are responsible for the accident or harm suffered
  • Holding the responsible parties accountable.

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