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Houston Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

Houston Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

Houston Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

Parking lots can seem like pretty ordinary places, giving drivers and pedestrians a false sense of security. The truth, however, is that parking lots can be extremely dangerous as it is where pedestrians and motor vehicles share space. In fact, at least 50,000 parking lot accidents happen every year, and these crashes kill at least 500 people and injure at least 60,000 others.1

Compounding these tragic statistics is the fact that many of these accidents are caused by preventable negligence. Revealing more about parking lot risks and accidents, the following:

  • Exposes some of the most dangerous aspects of parking lots and how they can cause crashes, injuries, and death
  • Shares essential information about how the victims of parking lot accidents can take action, protect their rights, and get on the road to recovery.

While the information below provides important insights for victims and their families, don’t hesitate to contact the Amaro Law Firm if you or someone you love has been hurt in a parking lot accident or any type of crash. We’re ready to explain your legal rights and your options for seeking financial recovery and justice.

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How Unsafe Parking Lot Design Can Cause Accidents

Parking lots that are poorly designed make it risky and difficult for people to safely navigate them. From being too cramped and overly complicated to hampering access to driveways and walkways, there are many ways a parking lot’s design can create accident risks.

These risks will only increase when motorists or pedestrians aren’t paying attention, when weather reduces visibility, or when parking lots are especially busy during the shopping season.

When Poor Lighting Causes Parking Lot Accidents

Adequate lighting is crucial to the safety and security of parking lots. All too often, however, parking lot lighting is insufficient. That may be due to poorly placed lamps, broken bulbs, lighting blocked by landscaping, and other flaws.

Whenever a parking lot is not properly lit, motorists and pedestrians can have trouble seeing important visual cues, like signage, crosswalks, other drivers and pedestrians, and more. And that can mean greater chances of preventable accidents in parking lots.

Poor Security & Parking Lot Injuries

From security guards and cameras to lighting and layout, it takes a lot to make a parking lot secure and safe. When these features aren’t present—or when they fall short of providing the security they should, people are far more likely to break the rules. Ultimately, that can result in unsafe parking lots where there’s a greater risk of accidents and criminal activity.

Accidents Caused By Parking Lot Maintenance Failures

While designed to be low maintenance, parking lots still require upkeep in order to remain safe. From pavement and paint striping to lighting, landscaping, crosswalks, and more, parking lot maintenance can go a long way toward helping drivers and pedestrians properly navigate the lot while looking out for themselves.

When property owners, maintenance crew, and/or others fail to maintain parking lots, they can be liable for the harm that results from their negligence.

Parking Garage Risks & Accidents

Parking garage enclosures can create some distinct risks for drivers and pedestrians. This is particularly true when:

  • Parking garages don’t provide enough space, light, accessible routes, or signage to help people safely travel through them.
  • Motorists are distracted, speeding, or otherwise being reckless behind the wheel.

No matter how parking garage accidents happen, victims can rely on the Amaro Law Firm when it’s time to determine liability and pursue recovery.

Fatal Parking Lot Accidents

Deadly wrecks can happen whenever parking lots are inherently unsafe or the people in them act carelessly or recklessly. Tragically, the victims of fatal parking lot accidents tend to be some of the vulnerable pedestrians, like children, the disabled, and the elderly.

Whenever a parking lot crash has deadly outcomes, surviving loved ones can have various options for seeking justice. While these claims can’t bring a loved one back, the financial recoveries from them can help families gain a sense of justice, as well as the resources to lay a loved one to rest and begin to heal.

Parking Lot 18-Wheeler Accidents

From making deliveries to stopping overnight, 18-wheelers can be in parking lots at any given time. When they are, they can bring a whole new set of potential hazards with them. And these hazards can be intensified when:

  • Parking lots are inherently unsafe due to poor design, insufficient lighting, and other factors.
  • Motorists misbehave behind the wheel.

In the aftermath of a parking lot truck accident, evidence from police reports, witnesses, surveillance cameras, and other sources can be the key to identifying the at-fault parties and holding them accountable.

Distracted Driving Parking Lot Accidents

As many as 2 out of 3 drivers admit to using their cellphones while driving in parking lots.2 And that’s just one distraction that can divert drivers’ attention and increase the risk of parking lot accidents.

Regardless of what causes driver distraction, the fact is that motorists who aren’t paying attention to the task of driving can overlook important visual cues, like signs, brake lights, and pedestrians. When that happens and distracted drivers cause crashes, the Amaro Law Firms can help victims hold negligent motorists liable for the harm they have caused.

Hit & Runs Parking Lot Accidents

When drivers cause parking lot crashes and then flee the scene, victims may still have options for seeking justice and compensation. These options will depend on whether:

  • The at-fault driver can be identified and located.
  • The victim has uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage.

Following a hit-and-run parking lot accident, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. You can rely on the attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm for help identifying and pursuing your best options for compensation.

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