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Co-Counsel Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

What is a Co-Counsel Relationship?

A co-counsel relationship is a reciprocal arrangement in which both participating firms share knowledge, experience, and resources to help their clients. Attorneys can join forces to better represent their clients in a co-counsel relationship by taking advantage of each other’s strengths to achieve better results for the clients.The relationship allows the firm to efficiently and effectively represent the clients while utilizing resources which they could not access on their own. Oftentimes, co-counsel relationships are utilized in mass torts and in catastrophic injury cases.

How Does a Co-Counsel Relationship Work?

Unlike a referral arrangement, in which one firm originates the client and refers the client to another firm that most of the work, a co-counsel relationship requires that each party carry out some of the work in a joint representation arrangement. Also, unlike a joint venture, a co-counsel relationship can spread over multiple cases and last indefinitely. The co-counsel agreement stipulates which parties will be responsible for duties such as administration, data management, case expense financing, settlement distribution, litigation, and trial.

Co-Counsel Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have established co-counsel relationships with law firms around the country and in a wide range of legal fields. We can create agreements that will outline the duties, responsibilities, and fee structures for each participating firm. Our co-counsel relationships have earned sizable rewards for our partners and the clients. Our co-counsel partners employ our resources, personnel, and experience in legal practice areas ranging from truck wreck litigation and oil and gas litigation to mass tort litigation, multi-district litigation, and first party windstorm and hail claims. Our attorneys work to gain the highest amount of compensation for the client by using the most efficient and effective methods available.

What Do Co-Counsel Relationship Partners Say About the Amaro Law Firm?

Here is what one of our co-counsel partners says about working with the Amaro Law Firm:

“I have worked with James and his firm on several matters throughout the years. They are fighters and effective litigators. I have found their tenacity refreshing, their knowledge of the law educational, and their resources helpful to my clients’ best interests.”

Start a Co-Counsel Relationship with the Amaro Law Firm

The knowledgeable attorneys and experienced staff at the Amaro Law Firm stand prepared to help all of our co-counsel partners obtain the most favorable results for their clients. Our experience with victims of 18 wheeler accidents, oil and gas disputes, work injuries, mass torts against oil and gas companies, windstorm and hail storms, and other mass tort cases can help your clients get the compensation they deserve. We are happy to discuss your potential case(s) and a co-counsel arrangement which will ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.

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