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Non-Attorney Referral Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

What is a Non-Attorney Referral Relationship?

A non-attorney referral relationship starts when a non-legal professional, such as a CPA, doctor or financial advisor, refers a client to an attorney that has legal needs. Although attorneys cannot share legal fees with non-attorneys, the non-attorneys can earn their own fees for their own professional services. For instance, a bank or real estate professional who has a client who needs help recovering damages to his home or business following a hailstorm in order to sell it or get a home equity loan. The bank or real estate professional can refer his client to an attorney who specializes in hailstorm insurance cases.

How Does a Non-Attorney Referral Relationship Work?

Numerous legal and ethical rules govern the relationship between non-attorney referrers and referred law firms. For instance, the referred law firm cannot split professional service fees with the non-attorney referrer. In those cases, the fees for the non-legal professionals are structured and negotiated independently with the client. While the Texas Bar prohibits any attorney from paying or giving anything of value to a prospective client or any other person in an effort to solicit business, the referred attorney and the non-attorney referral source can enter an agreement to protect any binding fees the referring source may have independent of legal fees

Non-Attorney Referral Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have worked with accounting firms, consulting agencies, insurance adjusters, and other referral sources on all sorts of cases. We can develop agreements tailor-made to each type of non-legal professional referral source to protect non-legal fees due to the referral source. To be clear, legal fees can never be shared with non-attorney referral sources pursuant to the rules set by the Texas State Bar. These agreements will show how all of the participants can benefit in providing legal services and other services to the client in conjunction with the legal services, while still maintaining the highest levels of professional ethics for all parties involved.

Start a Non-Attorney Relationship with the Amaro Law Firm

Our staff at the Amaro Law Firm has both the experience you need and the high-quality customer service you expect from an established firm. Our attorneys are always prepared to help all of our referral sources attain the best results for the clients. Whether the case involves a tractor-trailer accident, a work injury, a dispute with an energy company, or a problem with homeowner’s insurance claims, we have the knowledge and skills to get the best results for our clients.

What Do Non-Attorney Referral Relationship Partners Say About the Amaro Law Firm?

Here is what an insurance adjuster says about working with the Amaro Law Firm:
“The Amaro Law Firm understands that relationships are at the heart of any successful business. They take them very seriously, and it shows in the mutual benefits that those relationships deliver.”

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