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Local Counsel Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

What is a Local Counsel Relationship?

A local counsel relationship allows an out-of-state law firm,a law firm without a license to practice in a certain court, or a firm without any local presence to work with a local attorney on a case. These relationships can be for a specific case, as with a joint venture, or in a continuing relationship. The local counsel relationship gives the other firm access to local attorneys who are familiar with the local jurisdiction, roster of judges, potential opposing counsel, and local jury pools. Also, the local attorneys presence in a certain location may present more efficient means of handling a case which is in that area since they have an office and staff near the client or the location of the incident.

How Does a Local Counsel Relationship Work?

As with any co-counsel relationship, each party must determine if it is well-suited for working with the other participant. The firm seeking a local relationship will typically want to establish a relationship with a firm that is qualified, experienced in similar cases, and familiar with the jurisdiction. The local firm will also want to make sure they add value to the local relationship.

Local Counsel Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

The Amaro Law Firm has established several successful local counsel relationships with out-of-state firms, as well as with those from other areas in Texas such as Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and other areas in Texas. Our local counsel agreements outline how we can help other attorneys achieve the best results for their clients, as well as how we can save our partners time, money and effort. Many of our local counsel partners turn to us for consistent results for their Houston-based legal needs.

Start a Local Counsel Relationship with the Amaro Law Firm

Our local counsel partners get to experience the numerous benefits in such a relationship, including saving on travel, familiarity with local judges and court staff, and a working knowledge of the strategies and track records of opposing counsel. Our cases have ranged from massive tort cases, such as the BP oil spill and the heavy Texas windstorms and hailstorms, to smaller cases, such as job site injuries and serious 18 wheeler accidents. We strive to create local counsel agreements that will detail the arrangements for each party, including the expectations in managing cases and expenses in addition to local counsel fees.

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