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Attorney Referral Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

What is an Attorney Referral Relationship?

An attorney referral relationship allows one attorney to refer a case to another attorney to handle the case, in exchange for a referral fee. When an attorney lacks the resources or experience to handle a case for their clients, they may refer those clients to another law firm. Many law firms rely on referrals from other attorneys as part of their business model and many firms are in the business of referring cases to others. The referral relationship helps the client get the most capable legal advice from an experienced attorney with adequate resources to pursue the case, while allowing the referring attorney to collect a fee for generating the case.

How Does an Attorney Referral Relationship Work?

As required by the rules of each state bar, each firm must sign an attorney referral agreement. The agreement stipulates both the referral fee (the fee the referred firm pays the referring firm for the referral) and the split of responsibilities, duties, and fees of any fees. The client must also be notified of the referral and consent to relationship between the lawyers in writing.

Attorney Referral Relationships with the Amaro Law Firm

The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm accept referrals from other firms in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations on a routine basis. However, we also know the value of creating a customized referral agreement that meets the needs of the referring attorney and that attorney’s clients. Our attorney referral relationships have earned huge revenues for our partners, while our substantial experience in truck accident litigation, oil and gas litigation, mass tort litigation, multi-district litigation, and first party windstorm and hail storm claims have helped their clients gain the highest compensation in their cases.

What Do Attorney Referral Relationship Partners Say About the Amaro Law Firm?

Here is what one of our attorney referral relationship partners says about working with the Amaro Law Firm:
“Since 2007, our law firm has trusted James Amaro to handle all of our clients’ personal injury matters. Mr. Amaro’s prowess as a tenacious litigator is only matched by his professionalism when dealing with his colleagues and business associates. His friendly staff is supportive and forthcoming with the status of our client’s cases, and provides top-notch service for counselors and clients alike.”

Start an Attorney Referral Relationship with the Amaro Law Firm

The knowledgeable and experienced staff at the Amaro Law Firm are prepared to assist all of our referral partners obtain the most effective results for their clients. We have worked with firms which refer 18 wheeler wreck case, oil and gas cases, work injury cases, first party insurance cases (i.e., hail storm and windstorm), and other mass torts such as Deepwater Horizon claims and emission events.

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