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Mesothelioma Causes & Risk Factors

Asbestos exposure is the primary cause of mesothelioma. While asbestos exposure can occur in the workplace, it can also happen at schools and homes, as well as when using certain types of products. Determining the source of asbestos exposure can be essential to figuring out the available legal remedies for those diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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How Asbestos Exposure Can Cause Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Causes & Risk Factors

Mesothelioma Causes & Risk Factors

Asbestos is a compilation of six fibrous minerals, making it heat- and fire-resistant. Coming into contact with asbestos can result in the inhalation of small asbestos fibers. These fibers can inflame, irritate and damage the lining of the lungs, abdomen and/or heart. They can also become lodged in these linings.

Over time, the damage caused by asbestos fibers can cause malignant (cancerous) cells to develop. Where these malignancies develop determines the type of mesothelioma a person has. While there are various types of mesothelioma, some of the more common types include:

Pleural mesothelioma is by far the most common form, accounting for about 80 percent of mesothelioma diagnoses.

Mesothelioma Risk Factors

While asbestos exposure is the only known scientific cause of mesothelioma, various factors can increase the risk of developing this cancer. Some risk factors for mesothelioma include:

Occupations at Risk of Asbestos Exposure & Mesothelioma

Certain jobs put workers directly in contact with asbestos on a regular basis. These workers with a higher risk of asbestos exposure and, consequently, an elevated risk of developing mesothelioma include (but are not limited to):

While face masks, protective clothing and the proper decontamination procedures can mitigate or even prevent asbestos exposure, it is not uncommon for asbestos fibers to:

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