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Insurance Claims

Commercial Litigation

Many of us have faithfully paid our insurance premiums for years and decades, without ever having to make a claim. When disaster strikes, and perhaps for the first time you need your insurance company to keep up their end of the bargain, it is disheartening and frustrating to be told your claim has been denied. Can this type of situation be avoided or prevented?

Insurance companies are there to make a profit and this industry trains its adjusters to pay the smallest amounts they can get away with on claims. In some cases, an adjuster can receive a bonus or promotion to validate their ability to pay as little as possible. Adjusters understand that they can lower a settlement amount by simply wearing you down. After a while, you just want to accept what is offered and be done with it. Sometimes, unnecessary information is requested so that you think there is something wrong with your case or that you don’t have a valid claim. An insurance company representative can pretend to be your friend and convince you that they are operating with your best interests at heart, when the truth is the opposite. Many have suffered the upset of having an adjuster, who is not a trained medical person, telling them that a certain course of treatment or medical procedure is not necessary. In some cases, an insurance company has threatened to lower a settlement amount if you retained an attorney to act on your behalf.

You don’t have to put up with insurance company tactics which are designed to lower or deny a valid claim. Under the Texas Insurance Code and other laws of our state, there are actions that can be taken by a proven lawyer to seek relief and attorney’s fees for wrongfully denied benefits. At Amaro Law Firm, we take pride in stepping forward on behalf of everyday citizens who face an uphill battle against insurance companies. Mr. Amaro began his legal career with a Houston insurance defense firm and knows, therefore, exactly how the insurance business works, what strategies the companies employ and how to effectively combat them as your representative. We are energetic, tireless and dedicated in our commitment to you and your rights to fair and just insurance benefits. Call our offices for a free and confidential consultation and please read on to see some of the areas where we can be of assistance.

Areas of Assistance

Hurricanes are part of life in Texas but the situation can be made worse by an insurance company attempting to lessen the value of your claim for damages. If you fail to make a claim or are unable to prove your losses, the insurance company benefits. We are dedicated to helping victims of hurricane damage, whether it is an individual or business, to receive the full compensation they are entitled to in accordance with their insurance policies.

Both commercial and residential property claims can result from the damage caused by a tornado. Insurance companies do not always take the time and effort necessary to correctly assess your losses and frequently do not offer what it will truly take to compensate you. We can assist you from the first evaluation of the damages, to negotiating with your insurance company and onto litigation and trial as needed. Our end goal is seeing that you are paid what is rightfully owed.

In just this year alone, hailstone storms have struck in Dallas, Mesquite, Abilene, Wichita Falls, Gainesville, Fort Worth, Lubbock and much of North Texas. For insurance companies, the fewer times that people make claims or can’t show their losses, the more money they stand to make. Commonly, an adjuster will underpay your claim leaving you to pay the difference when it comes time to make the needed repairs or rebuild. If you feel you may have a claim or one you put forth has been incorrectly handled, quickly contact us for help.

Those who have survived a significant flood know the devastation that such a weather event can bring. Homes and businesses can be quickly overrun with water, mud and debris, causing major damage. If your claim for benefits has been denied, have our legal team go to work to analyze your policy and what you have been told by the insurance company. We assess your situation to see if it is being resolved in strict adherence to the Texas Insurance Code and take needful actions towards bringing your insurer into compliance with the law.

Bad Faith Claim 
When an insurance company denies a valid claim, it is referred to as “bad faith” on the part of the carrier. An insurance policy is essentially a contract between you and your insurer. Just as you have to abide by the terms of your policy, so must your insurance company uphold their part of the contract and act in good faith. In Texas, establishing bad faith usual requires litigation and it is normally pursued when an insurance company has taken knowingly egregious actions in denying a claim. We work to see that insurance companies are held accountable for their wrongful conduct.

Insurance Code Violations 
The laws of Texas provide the means by which insurance code violations can be corrected. Actions such as misrepresenting material facts to you about your policy, not bringing about a prompt and fair settlement of your claim and others can all add up to improper actions by your insurance company. Our firm invites you to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the insurance codes when violations have affected your valid claim.