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Windstorm Damage Lawsuit

Every year across Texas, thousands of homes and businesses sustain damages from high winds. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes cause millions of dollars in damage to Texas properties. When property owners submit a windstorm damage claim to their insurance providers, some carriers may attempt to underpay or deny legitimate claims. These actions protect the insurance companies’ profits, while leaving property owners with costly repair bills. When this happens, property owners should contact the attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm about a windstorm damage lawsuit.

Windstorm Damage and Additional Coverage
In some areas, windstorm damage coverage is included in the standard homeowners insurance policy. In other parts of Texas, such as Houston, homeowners must purchase additional windstorm damage coverage. When a major storm strikes, the insurance carrier can receive thousands of windstorm damage claims. Homeowners who lack the required windstorm damage coverage may be left with thousands of dollars in repair bills. An experienced attorney can help property owners with their windstorm damage claims to ensure that they receive all the benefits to which they’re entitled.

Windstorm Damage Lawsuits Protect Property Owners
After every major thunderstorm, tornado or hurricane, property owners file their insurance claims. They file their claims in hopes of getting the money they need to repair their properties and rebuilding their lives. Some insurance carriers will underpay claims, delay processing claims, or deny legitimate claims outright. When insurers focus more on protecting their profits over serving their customers, a windstorm damage lawsuit can protect property owners from predatory insurance practices.

Windstorm Damage Lawsuits Get Results
Insurance carriers have numerous attorneys available at their disposal. They assign these attorneys the task of protecting the company’s assets and finding ways to deny claims. An experienced windstorm damage lawsuit attorney helps property owners navigate through the legal obstacles that the insurance providers and their attorneys build. Attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have worked for insurance companies in the past, so they understand the strategies that carriers use in combating windstorm damage lawsuits.

Compensation For Windstorm Damage Lawsuits
Plaintiffs in a windstorm damage lawsuit can receive compensation for their repairs, as well as other costs associated with the time and inconveniences of the repair processes. Some of these costs include:

  • Contractor estimates
  • Construction labor costs
  • Building material expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Relocation costs
  • … and much more.

In windstorm damage lawsuits where the insurer violated the terms of the policy, the plaintiffs can also receive punitive damages of up to three times the original award.

Know Your Rights in a Windstorm Damage Lawsuit Claims Lawsuit
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