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Hail Damage Lawsuit

The series of hail storms across Texas in recent years have led to thousands of homeowners filing hail damage insurance claims. In some cases, the insurer may find ways to underpay or deny legitimate claims, regardless of the policy terms. If your insurance carrier has shortchanged you on a hail damage claim, you may consider filing a hail damage lawsuit. The attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm have years of experience in dealing with hail damage lawsuits and are uniquely capable of getting you the compensation you need.

How a Hail Damage Claim Works
When a home sustains hail damage, the homeowner contacts a local roofing contractor to assess the damage. After the homeowner receives a damage assessment from the contractor, he or she calls the insurance provider to file a claim. The insurer sends and adjuster to evaluate the extent of the hail damage. If the adjuster’s assessment disagrees with the contractor’s estimate, the two parties get together to compare notes on the damage. The adjuster then sends the evaluation back to the insurer to process the claim.

Protect Yourself With a Hail Damage Lawsuit
Homeowners should remember that the contractor works for them, but the adjuster works for the insurer. The adjuster has an incentive to protect the company’s profits, not to help the policy holder. When an insurer places profits above promises, the homeowner may have to file a hail damage lawsuit to recover the amount of their claim. Many of the attorneys have handled hail damage lawsuits from the insurer’s side of the table, so they know how to implement strategies that will counter the insurer’s tactics.

Punitive Damages in Hail Damage Lawsuits
If the plaintiff in a hail damage lawsuit can show that the insurer violated the terms of their own policy when underpaying or denying a legitimate claim, the plaintiff may be eligible to receive punitive damages. “Punitive damages” are cash awards designed to punish the insurer for failing to live up to the terms of their agreements. In Texas, punitive damages can reach up to three times the amount of the original claim.

Compensation For Hail Damage Lawsuits
The expenses involved in recovering from hail damage can bring financial catastrophe onto a homeowner. A hail damage lawsuit can help victims recover these expenses. Some of the awards from hail damage lawsuits include:

  • Roof repair costs
  • Labor costs
  • Material expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Relocation expenses
  • Future repairs (attributed to original damage)
  • Auto body repairs
  • Glass replacement
  • … and much more.

Know Your Rights in a Hail Damage Lawsuit Claims Lawsuit
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