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Work Injuries

Does DoorDash Cover Car Accidents?

Insurance coverage for DoorDash accidents can be more complex than you may realize. In fact, if you’re a DoorDash driver, some combination of your personal auto insurance and DoorDash insurance can cover you on the roads at different points —...

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Houston Trench Collapse Victim Saved After 1-Hour Entrapment, Suffers Minor Injuries

Sewer Line Worker Entrapped in a Collapsed Hole, Rescue Complicated by Several Factors On Friday, January 20, 2023, a sewer line worker in west Houston was suddenly trapped at the bottom of a 10-foot-deep trench after an unexpected cave-in. Just...

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Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Claim: 10 Things You Can Do

To find and hire the right personal injury attorney for your case: Ask for referrals. Review the lawyer’s or law firm’s website. Research lawyers’ standing with the state bar. Check out online reviews. Meet your top three options for a...

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5 Things a Personal Injury Attorney Can Do for You

A personal injury attorney can do a lot to help you, serving an essential ally and advocate who can: Explain your rights. Identify the liable party and your best options for recovery. Build you the strongest possible claim. Protect your...

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