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Does DoorDash Cover Car Accidents?

Does DoorDash Cover Car Accidents?

Insurance coverage for DoorDash accidents can be more complex than you may realize. In fact, if you’re a DoorDash driver, some combination of your personal auto insurance and DoorDash insurance can cover you on the roads at different points — but each comes with specific limits, and both do not necessarily cover any accident you’re in.

To help you understand how DoorDash insurance works and when it applies (and when it doesn’t), here is a simple guide to DoorDash accidents, DoorDash insurance coverage, and what to do after a DoorDash accident.

DoorDash Accidents Resources

The more you know about DoorDash accidents and insurance, the better equipped you’ll be to protect your rights if you’re ever hurt in one of these crashes. To start getting more answers and info about these wrecks, click on a question below and jump directly to the answer.


What Insurance Covers DoorDash Drivers?

DoorDash drivers are required to have their own auto insurance in order to secure employment with the company. This coverage must meet the state requirements for minimum liability limits. Here’s more on the Texas auto insurance requirements that DoorDash drivers and other motorists must comply with.

Once employed by DoorDash — and with their own auto insurance coverage active — drivers will also have coverage from the company’s “occupational accident policy.”

With this DoorDash occupational accident policy:

  • Drivers do have to pay fees to activate the coverage. It’s automatically activated upon getting hired to drive for the company.
  • It covers Caviar couriers who are making deliveries (as of December 1, 2019).
  • DoorDash drivers making deliveries are also covered (as of June 27, 2019).
  • The driver’s own auto insurance is considered the primary coverage, and the DoorDash coverage is a secondary policy, kicking in only after the primary coverage has been applied and exhausted.
  • Property damage to DoorDash drivers’ vehicles is NOT covered.

Along with this DoorDash insurance, the company also has commercial coverage of up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage. This coverage applies:

  • During active deliveries, meaning drivers are en route to pick up an order or deliver it to a customer

  • To third parties hurt in accidents caused by delivery drivers but only after the primary insurance has been exhausted

How Does Driving for DoorDash Affect Car Insurance?

Since DoorDash motorists earn money for activities involving driving, insurance companies can consider that time on the roads to be commercial driving activity. That’s not the same as personal driving, and it means that:

  • Personal auto insurance does not necessarily cover commercial driving activity.
  • DoorDash drivers likely need a commercial policy or special add-ons to supplement a personal auto insurance policy.
  • Motorists should inform their insurers about their gigs for DoorDash.
  • DoorDash drivers who don’t obtain the necessary extra coverage may find themselves without insurance coverage for some accidents.

What Coverage Applies to Crashes Caused by DoorDash Drivers?

Doordash Accident Claims - Doordash Accident LawyerCoverage for car accidents caused by DoorDash drivers depends on the circumstances of the wreck. Specifically, the DoorDash driver’s “status” at the time of the collision typically determines which insurance policy applies and:

  • If the DoorDash driver WAS NOT making a delivery when the crash happened, DoorDash coverage does NOT apply. The at-fault driver’s auto insurance coverage will come into play, instead, meaning the DoorDash driver’s own personal or commercial policy. If this coverage is insufficient, victims may have other options for pursuing recovery, like filing an uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) claim with their own insurance provider.

  • If the DoorDash driver WAS making a delivery at the time of the collision, the DoorDash coverage would typically come into play. Notably, however, the driver’s own insurance would need to be exhausted first, before the DoorDash occupational and commercial coverage is applied.

  • If DoorDash drivers and other motorists share liability, others’ coverage would be primary, with the DoorDash coverage being secondary. Again, the at-fault drivers’ personal insurance would come into play first, before the DoorDash policy provides any coverage.

Remember, just because insurance coverage should apply to give a car crash does NOT necessarily mean that insurers will stand by their policies or agree that they should cover that wreck. In fact, it’s not uncommon for auto wreck victims to have to push back on insurance companies that wrongfully deny coverage.

What Does DoorDash Insurance Cover?

The DoorDash occupational accident coverage provides up to:

  • $1,000,000 for medical expenses, with no deductible or co-pay
  • $500 a week in disability payments
  • $150,000 in survivors’ payments, for eligible dependents

The DoorDash commercial coverage provides up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage.

What Should I Do After a DoorDash Car Accident?

After a DoorDash crash, take as many of these steps as possible. Doing so can protect your rights and interests, regardless of whether you drive for DoorDash or not. And if you’re not able to do much after a collision, skip to the last step:

  1. Quickly move to a safe place.

  2. Call police. Dial 911 if anyone has been hurt or if the crash happened in a high-traffic area.

  3. Wait at the scene until the police arrive and give you the OK to go.

  4. Seek medical attention ASAP, either letting EMTs treat you at the scene, going to a nearby ER, or seeing a physician as soon as you can after the wreck.

  5. Exchange names, contact info, and driving/insurance info with others involved in the crash. Snap pictures of driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and license plates to simplify this.
  6. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene, the damage, the roads, and the weather conditions. Also, try to take pictures of other parties involved in the crash and what’s generally happening at the crash scene during the initial investigations after the collision.

  7. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as reasonably possible after the collision.

  8. If you will be filing a claim under the DoorDash policy, you will also need to complete the DoorDash Accident Report Form.

  9. Continue getting the medical care needed and prescribed for your crash injuries.

  10. Consult a DoorDash car accident lawyer to get more information about your rights and legal options.

How Do I File a DoorDash Accident Claim?

Filing a DoorDash crash claim can start with accident investigations and reporting the collision to insurance companies. With that, however, it’s crucial to know that:

  • Insurance companies are not focused on protecting your rights: Insurers involved in DoorDash crash claims are usually looking for ways to dodge liability and avoid making payouts. After all, they profit when they don’t make payouts. So, even if you are legally entitled to compensation, don’t count on insurers to offer you what you may deserve. Instead, assume that you will need to push back and that insurers will be out to lowball you. If you do, you’ll be better prepared to safeguard your rights and interests whenever you have to interact with insurance companies.

  • Insurers are skilled at minimizing payouts: There are all sorts of tactics insurance companies use to reduce and avoid making payouts. They may try to use your words against you, misinterpret the evidence, prolong claims investigations, or undercut the severity of your injuries. Sometimes, they may even try to (illegally) rewrite policies after the crash in an effort to say that a collision wasn’t covered. Sadly, these tactics can work, resulting in some crash victims being victimized again during the claims process.

  • An experienced lawyer can protect your rights and claim: An attorney can identify fault, assert your rights, and stand up to insurance companies throughout the DoorDash accident claims process.

Compensation from DoorDash accident claims can help victims cover medical expenses as they pick up the pieces and focus on healing.

To set claims up for success and full, fair compensation, it’s prudent to talking to an attorney.