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Does DoorDash Cover Car Accidents?

Does DoorDash Cover Car Accidents?

Coverage Under the DoorDash Policy Depends on How & When Crashes Happen

If you’re in an accident while driving for DoorDash—or if you’re in an accident with a DoorDash driver—whose insurance covers the crash?

The answer to that question can be as complicated as it is important, especially in the age of COVID-19 when DoorDash drivers are busier than ever before. Clarifying the issues, here are helpful answers to common questions about DoorDash accident coverage.

DoorDash Car Accident Resources


Who Insurers DoorDash Drivers?

DoorDash drivers must carry their own auto insurance as part of the terms of employment. This coverage must comply with the state laws regarding minimum liability limits (see Texas auto insurance requirements here).

Once they have their own coverage, DoorDash drivers will also be automatically covered by the company’s “occupational accident policy.” This DoorDash accident policy:

  • Does not require any enrollment or additional fees
  • Covers Caviar couriers while they are making deliveries (as of December 1, 2019)
  • Covers DoorDash drivers while they are making deliveries (as of June 27, 2019)
  • Is an excess or secondary policy, meaning it kicks in after primary coverage (the driver’s own auto insurance) has been applied and exhausted
  • Does not cover DoorDash drivers’ property damage (like damage to vehicles or bicycles)

DoorDash also has commercial coverage (up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage) that applies during active deliveries. This coverage, which kicks in when drivers are transporting goods to a customer, applies to third parties hurt in accidents caused by delivery drivers—again, after the primary insurance has been exhausted.

Does DoorDash Affect Car Insurance? Do I Need to Tell My Insurance I Drive for DoorDash?

Yes, driving for DoorDash can impact the type of auto insurance coverage you need, and it’s generally a good idea to tell your insurer that you’re a DoorDash driver if you want to be confident that you have proper and sufficient coverage. In fact, this is crucial because:

  • Personal auto insurance policies commonly don’t cover job-related activities: To be covered for work-related driving, like driving for DoorDash, you may need a commercial policy and/or other special coverage.
  • If you don’t inform your insurer, you may not be covered for DoorDash accidents: Your personal auto insurance may not provide coverage, and if it doesn’t, the DoorDash accident coverage likely won’t kick in.

What Coverage Applies If a DoorDash Driver Caused the Accident?

The available coverage will depend on the DoorDash driver’s status at the time of the accident.

  • If the driver WAS NOT making a delivery when the crash happened, DoorDash coverage won’t apply. Instead, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance coverage will come into play. If the personal coverage is insufficient, a victim may be able to file a claim with his or her own insurer, as long as (s)he has uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage.
  • If the driver WAS making a delivery at the time of the wreck, the DoorDash occupational and commercial coverage would generally come into play after the driver’s own insurance has been exhausted.

Here, it’s crucial to note that if multiple drivers share fault (like a DoorDash driver and another motorist), the insurance for the at-fault parties will kick in before any DoorDash coverage applies.

What Does DoorDash Accident Insurance Cover?

When it applies, DoorDash occupational accident coverage provides its drivers up to:

  • $1,000,000 for medical expenses, with no deductible or co-pay
  • $500 a week in disability payments
  • $150,000 in survivors’ payments, for eligible dependents

Similarly, for third-party victims, DoorDash commercial coverage provides up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and/or property damage.

What Should I Do After a DoorDash Driver Car Accident?

Whether or not you drive for DoorDash or you think you may have caused the accident, take these steps after the wreck.

If you will be filing a claim under the DoorDash policy, you will also need to complete the DoorDash Accident Report Form.

What Do I Need to Know About Filing a Door Dash Accident Insurance Claim?

The most important things to remember when it’s time to file a claim and recover from a DoorDash accident are that:

  • You can’t trust insurance companies: They profit when they don’t make payouts. So, even when you are legally entitled to compensation, you cannot expect them to offer you the full amount you may deserve. Instead, you should assume they are looking to undercut or deny your payment because that is what serves their interests.
  • Insurers can use all sorts of tactics to try to avoid paying you: They may try to use your words against you, misinterpret the available evidence, or look for ways to blame you for the crash or the severity of your injuries. Sometimes, they may (illegally) try to rewrite policies after the crash in an attempt to deny coverage.
  • An experienced lawyer can protect your rights and claim: An attorney can explain and safeguard your rights while helping you pursue all available legal remedies. A lawyer can also anticipate insurers’ tactics, neutralize their arguments, and help you seek full, fair compensation.

Given that compensation from DoorDash accident claims can be essential to pay for medical treatments, an attorney can be the advocate you need when it’s time to seek justice and recover. Contact our team to learn more about your options.