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Dallas Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

Dallas, the third most populated city in Texas, also ranks third when it comes to having the most traffic crashes in Texas, trailing only Houston and San Antonio (which rank first and second). In fact, the latest statistics reveal that...

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How to Turn in a Median in Texas

The Rules for Turning in Medians in Texas Involve Some Math Pop quiz: When you’re driving and turning into a median in Texas, what side of the median are you supposed to stay on — the right or the left?...

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Personal Injury Lawsuits: How to Serve an Out-of-State Defendant

When you file a lawsuit in Texas, the defendant is constitutionally entitled to adequate notice of the suit. Providing that notice to the defendant is referred to as “service of process.” The idea is to give the defendant a formal...

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How Many Car Accidents Happen Daily in Houston, TX?

Houston Has More Auto Crashes Than Any TX City. Here’s Why. 160 — that is the average number of car accidents that occur in Houston each day, the latest data shows. And it means that Houston has about 7 auto...

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