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Coronavirus Creates New Premises Liability Risks, With Wave of Lawsuits Expected

When Businesses May Be Liable for the Spread of the Coronavirus to Employees & Customers The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a worldwide panic, killing thousands, upending major industries, and sending global markets into a tailspin. As some experts focus on...

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FDA Pushes for the Withdrawal Zantac from the U.S. Market Due to NDMA, Cancer Risks

Stop Taking & Selling Ranitidine Drugs, Urges the FDA Zantac and all generic ranitidine products should be pulled off the market immediately—and people should stop using these popular antacids—the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on April 1, 2020....

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Where Can I Check a Car Accident Attorney’s History? 4 Important Sources to Look At

Looking for the right lawyer for your car accident claim? Check attorneys’ credentials, reviews, and more at: The state bar association Industry organizations (like Avvo)Attorney legal directories and third-party review sites The law firm’s website Here’s what you can learn...

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What Are Common Car Accident Injuries? 7 Most Common Injuries Caused by Crashes

The most common types of injuries to result from car accidents include: Whiplash Soft tissue injuries Cuts and scrapes Head and brain injuries Spine and back injuries Broken bones Psychological trauma Here’s how these injuries typically result from auto wrecks...

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