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Deadline for Filing Boy Scout Abuse Lawsuits Is Nov. 16, 2020

Agreement in Federal Bankruptcy Case Bars Claims Against the Boy Scouts of America After Nov. 16th Survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of anyone involved with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have limited time to file a claim...

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Texas Businesses Have to Report Data Breaches Within 60 Days, New Law Says

Businesses operating in Texas will now have to abide by stricter rules and reporting protocols when data breaches occur. These new requirements have been established by House Bill (HB) 4390, which fully took effect as of 2020. With this new Texas...

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Fire Rages at Lake Charles Chemical Plant in Aftermath of Hurricane Laura

Blaze Breaks Out at an Industrial Plant Just Hours After the Category 4 Hurricane Passed Through the Area A chemical manufacturing facility in Lake Charles, LA, is engulfed in a massive fire, sending plumes of thick, dark, potentially deadly smoke...

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Fatal Car Accidents in Sugar Land Drop 66% Since 2014

Safety Officials Applaud the Decline, Still Think Even One Traffic Death Is Too Many Deadly car accidents in Sugar Land, TX have fallen dramatically over the past 7 years, hitting a record low of 2 fatal traffic wrecks in 2018.*...

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