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Coronavirus Business Interruption Claims Expected to Surge & Face Challenges

Insurance Companies Have Already Started Pushing Back & Denying COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims The coronavirus hasn’t just crippled public health and the health care system. It’s also slowed or shuttered millions of businesses across the nation—from major brands, like Bloomingdale’s...

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Hospitals Receiving Stimulus Money Are Banned from Surprise Medical Billing for COVID-19 Treatment, White House Says

Prohibition on Surprise Medical Billing Means Coronavirus Patients Should Be Billed at In-Network Rates The U.S. healthcare system will see an influx of $100 billion in federal stimulus funds over the coming months. These funds are intended to ease the...

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Evenflo Booster Car Seats Create Risks of Deadly Injuries, Class Action Lawsuit Alleges

Big Kid booster car seats made by the Evenflo Company Inc. can leave children with catastrophic injuries after side-impact crashes, according to a recently filed class action lawsuit. This case (case no. 1:20-cv-10336) alleges that Evenflo intentionally misled the public about...

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How to Turn in a Median in Texas

The Rules for Turning in Medians in Texas Involve Some Math! When you’re making a left-hand turn into a median, are you supposed to cross to the far side of the median, in front of another vehicle—or should you stay...

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