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Work Injuries

Injured While Driving for a Trucking Company? Here’s What Motor Carriers May Do to Protect Themselves against a Future Claim

Commercial truck drivers are about three times more likely to suffer job-related injuries, when compared to other workers in the private sector.1 When these injuries occur in the course of driving, truckers should be aware that their employers will likely...

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5 Things You Need to Do If You Are Injured on the Job While Driving a Truck

No matter how careful, attentive and experienced truckers may be, accidents can still happen. When they do, knowing what to do in the aftermath can be crucial to helping truckers protect their rights and a potential claim for compensation. To...

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Trucking Law:  What to Do after a Wreck That Is NOT Your Fault

Truck accidents can leave all involved parties disoriented, injured and in need of answers. For truckers victimized by these wrecks, knowing what steps to take – and what to avoid doing – after a crash can be crucial to preserving:...

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Injured Truckers: Understanding Your Rights to Compensation for On-the-Job Injuries

Work-related injuries can come with lasting physical, psychological and financial impacts. For truckers who are injured while working: Pursuing a claim for compensation can be the key to overcoming the devastating impacts of work-related injuries. Knowing your rights as an...

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