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What Does a Sugar Land, TX Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

What Does a Sugar Land, TX Truck Accident Lawyer Do? | Amaro Law Firm

7 Ways a Lawyer Can Help You Recover After a Truck Wreck

Tragically, truck wrecks in Sugar Land and Fort Bend County, Texas, have been on the rise in recent years. In fact, the latest data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) shows that truck accidents in Fort Bend County have surged more than 11% since 2015.

No matter where an 18-wheeler wreck happens in Sugar Land, one crash is all it takes to upend someone’s life and leave them with serious injuries and losses. When that happens, a truck accident attorney can be the advocate and ally you need to:

  • Protect your rights
  • Understand and pursue the available legal remedies
  • Determine liability and get on the road to recovery

How a Sugar Land Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You: 7 Ways

Whether you’re in an 18-wheeler accident on Highway 6, Highway 90, the Grand Parkway, or any other roadway in Sugar Land, an experienced lawyer can do things like (but not limited to) the following to help you.

1. Re-investigate the 18-wheeler accident to figure out all liable parties.

Going beyond police investigations of truck wrecks, an attorney’s investigation can dig deeper. That’s generally because a lawyer can use the police report as a starting point, using the information in these reports to:

  • Potentially uncover additional evidence
  • Identify and interview any witnesses to the crash
  • Figure out all parties that may be at fault for the wreck

For example, if a police report shows that a drunk driver made an illegal turn in a median, further investigations by an attorney may reveal that the drunk driver was overserved at a bar—and that the impaired motorist and the bar may be liable for the crash.

2. Gather, preserve & present the evidence for your claim.

Truck accident claims are only as strong as the evidence to support them is. And that evidence isn’t necessarily exclusive to what’s needed to prove fault for the crash. It also needs to establish the severity and extent of the injuries, damages, and losses caused by the accident.

With a skilled lawyer handling your truck accident claim, you can be more confident that the essential evidence is obtained, maintained, and leveraged to support your claim. This evidence may include (and is not limited to):

  • Accident-scene photos and police reports
  • Witness statements and expert testimony
  • Records from electronic onboard recorders, regulators, and trucking companies
  • Doctors’ bills, diagnostic test results, and treatment plans

3. Handle all the administrative work for your claim.

Texas law has strict deadlines for filing truck accident claims. While missing a deadline could compromise a case, so too can making mistakes on court paperwork or case filings.

An Sugar Land 18-wheeler accident lawyer will know what these deadlines are, how and when to submit the necessary paperwork, and how to keep your claim moving forward.

4. Deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Insurance companies profit by limiting claim payouts. That can mean that, when you’re filing a truck accident claim, insurers aren’t in your coroner. Instead, they’re far more likely to be looking for reasons to reduce or avoid paying your claim.

With attorney representation, however, you can get priceless peace of mind that:

  • You have someone experienced on your side, looking out for you and your rights.
  • You’ll be empowered to see through insurance company’s tactics and decode their “lingo.”
  • You’ll have better chances of getting the full compensation you may deserve from the insurance company.

5. Explain your options at every phase of your case.

A lawyer can help you understand what’s going on with your claim—and what your choices are for moving forward—every step of the way. This guidance can be pivotal to avoiding mistakes that could undercut your rights or sabotage your claim.

6. Fiercely protect your rights and claim in & outside the courtroom.

As your truck accident claim proceeds, an attorney’s insights and advice can go a long way towards helping you:

  • Negotiate with any opponent
  • Understand when settlement offers fall short
  • Determine when it may be time to go trial
  • Effectively present your case in court whenever needed

7. Work tirelessly to help you get full, fair compensation for your truck accident claim.

All the work and advocacy that a truck accident lawyer provides are geared towards helping you obtain the best possible resolution to your case. Ultimately, the outcome of your claim can make a big difference in how you recover from an accident on a physical, financial, and even psychological level.

With the right truck accident lawyer in your corner, you’ll have better chances of:

  • Successfully navigating the process
  • Positioning your case for success
  • Securing the compensation that may be necessary to pick up the pieces, rebuild your life, and move on

Searching for a Truck Accident Lawyer “Near Me” in Sugar Land, Texas?

These searches can generate dozens—if not more—results. Instead of wading through endless options or taking a risk with an inexperienced firm, go with an experienced team of 5-star truck accident lawyers you can trust. Contact the Sugar Land truck accident attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm.

We have a proven record of success, we work on contingency, and we’ll tirelessly champion your rights to help you recover the compensation you may deserve.