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Car Accidents

Why Traffic Deaths Spike on Super Bowl Sundays & How to Stay Safe

Nearly Half of All Super Bowl Traffic Deaths Involve Alcohol, Data Shows Super Bowl Sunday ends in disaster far too often on the roads. In fact, year after year, traffic deaths surge on Super Bowl Sunday. Tragically, driver impairment is...

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When Is an Amazon Delivery Driver at Fault for a Crash?

Keep an Eye Out for These Signs an Amazon Delivery Driver May Have Caused Your Wreck Amazon delivery drivers spend a lot of time on Texas’s roads. That alone can raise the risk of these drivers being involved in wrecks...

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Deadly Car Accidents Kill 8 Teens Daily

Car Crashes Are a Leading Cause of Teen Death, Authorities Say Teen drivers are about three times more likely than older motorists to die in fatal motor vehicle wrecks. That’s according to the latest data, which authorities are highlighting as part...

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Construction Zone Accidents: Who Is at Fault?

Highway work zones can be the sites of terrible motor vehicle accidents. On average, at least two people die every day in the U.S. in highway work zone accidents, authorities report. Far more are injured, and many of these accidents could...

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