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Two Fatal 18 Wheeler Accidents Take Three Lives

Last week saw two fatal 18 wheeler accidents on the highways of East Texas. A mother and her stepdaughter lost their lives in a crash in Panola County when they collided head-on with a tractor trailer. The next day, a driver was killed when an 18 wheeler lost control and rolled over near Nacogdoches. The two incidents highlight the increase in incidents involving 18 wheeler trucks across the state, as well as the consequences of accidents involving big rig haulers.

Panola County Sees Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident

Police at the scene of the fatal 18 wheeler accident reported that 34-year-old Darlene Hall of DeBerry was driving a white Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Elizabeth Hall, her 18-year-old stepdaughter, was in the passenger seat. The Halls were headed southbound on FM 31 South when their vehicle lost control on the wet pavement and crossed the center dividing line. The SUV struck a Texas Energy 18 wheeler head on. The massive truck swerved into a ditch and collided with an electric power pole before rolling to a stop.

Source: Panola News-Journal

Nacogdoches Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Destroys Parked Cars

Local police blocked one northbound lane of U.S Highway 59 near Nacogdoches after a fatal 18 wheeler accident. The one-vehicle accident occurred when the driver lost control and swerved across a ditch. The truck’s cab was crushed against a billboard support column. Police reports showed that the driver was killed instantly. Witnesses reported seeing a “bright flash” and that the collision “sounded like a freight train”. The truck’s momentum led it into a used car lot, where it hit three parked cars.

Source: KTRE-TV

More Fatal 18 Wheeler Accidents to Come?

A major side effect of the booming Texas economy has been an increase in the number of fatal 18 wheeler accidents occurring on the state’s highways. Trucking companies may hire new drivers that have less experience, inadequate training or a history of substance abuse problems. These drivers are often hauling larger loads and driving for longer distances, which can contribute to both mechanical failure and driver errors.

Know Your Rights in a Fatal 18 Wheeler Accident Lawsuit

The families of the victims of these fatal 18 wheeler accidents often seek out the advice of experienced legal counsel to pursue justice against the trucking companies. To find out how we can help you with a fatal 18 wheeler accident lawsuit, contact us today at 877-892-2797. Our friendly staff will ask a few questions about your case and connect you to an 18 wheeler accident attorney. You can also fill out the “Free Case Evaluation” form at the top of this page.

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