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Truck Wreck Shuts Down George Washington Bridge

The famous George Washington Bridge, a major traffic artery that connects New Jersey to New York City, was shut down for several hours last week due to a fatal truck wreck. A spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey stated that two 18 wheelers collided at around 2 am on the eastbound side of the bi-level bridge’s upper level. A Port Authority Police captain also reported that the driver in the rear truck was killed when his cab was lodged under the front truck’s trailer.

Busy Bridge Site of Major Truck Wreck

The George Washington Bridge serves as one of the busiest bridges in the world, with more than 100 million vehicles passing over its span every year. The truck wreck led to severe traffic delays as commuters from the New Jersey suburbs attempted to get to their jobs in Manhattan and other parts of the city. Emergency workers and cleanup crews needed special equipment to separate the trucks, which compounded the traffic delays into and out of New York City.

Traffic Slow to Reopen After Truck Wreck

The truck wreck caused the eastbound lanes on the bridge’s upper deck to be closed for more than nine hours. While one eastbound upper lane opened at 6 am, officials kept the rest of the lanes closed until nearly noon. The impact between the trucks carried so much force that emergency workers needed more than nine hours to remove the body of the rear truck’s driver. The driver of the front truck did not report any injuries, but was emotionally shaken up from the accident.

Truck Wreck and Bridge Traffic

The two trucks involved in the truck wreck were on the upper level of the two-level bridge, as truck and buses are prohibited from using the lower levels after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The accident also occurred less than a week before three upper-level lanes are scheduled to be closed for three months for construction during overnight hours. Officials have not stated what impact the truck wreck will have on the construction plans.

Source: KLTV

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