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Seven Injured and One Dead in Texas Racing Event

A mud racing event in Fabens, Texas turned fatal on Sunday, June 13th, 2021. A couple of people were left injured while one person was killed when the event was ongoing, roughly around 6:30 p.m. The El Paso County Sheriff Office is leading an investigation of the case.

Although the details of the case are still being withheld by authorities, some information is revealed. The fatal crash involved four vehicles and occurred when one of the drivers of these vehicles suddenly lost control of the steering. The driver hit the guardrail first before crashing into the other three vehicles in succession. Eight people suffered from injuries requiring further treatment at the hospital. One of these eight people died on arrival. Five people had injuries that were not severe, while the other two are still in critical condition. The deceased was identified as a 21-year-old man. The identity of the driver and their health state was not disclosed by the authorities. Investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

If You Were Injured in a Racing Event, Can You File a Claim Against the Organizer?

Car racing is a pretty common occurrence in the United States, both legally or illegally. If you happen to be injured in one, can you file a claim against the organizer for negligence? Well – it depends on several things. For one, does the car racing event you attend have the necessary legal permit? If not, it is near impossible for you to file a claim against the event’s organizer. However, if it happens to be a legal car racing event, then you are well within your rights to consider pursuing a claim against the event’s organizers, especially if you suspect negligence on their part. Be sure to consult a lawyer before you start any legal action. Call us today at (713) 352-7975 to get in touch with a car crash attorney who can help you.

Source: NBC News