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Defective Tire Recall

Several defective tire recalls in recent years have led drivers into states of confusion, frustration and panic. These defective tire recalls have reached across several major brands. The defects have led to tire blowouts, which often cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Hundreds of drivers have been victimized in accidents that could have been prevented. Many of these accidents have had fatal consequences, leaving families devastated with emotional and financial losses.

Reasons For the Defective Tire Recall

A major reason for the spate of defective tire recalls has been a problem known as “tread separation.” The problem occurs when the rubber tread peels away from the steel belts that reinforce the tire. In most tires, a layer of nylon between the steel belts and the rubber tread allows the tread to stay attached to the tire. In some of the tires targeted in defective tire recall notices, manufacturers omit the nylon layer to save money. The lack of this layer causes the adhesive on the tread to deteriorate.

Injuries From the Defective Tires
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