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Unpaid Wage Claim and Unpaid Hours

The unpaid wage lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm represent employees who have unpaid wage claims or worked unpaid hours.

Many times employees are forced to work in situations where they are must deal with working for unpaid wages and unpaid hours. The Amaro Law Firm realizes that taking care of family or loved ones the a very important priority for most working class Texans, and we also believe hard working Texans deserve to be compensated for every cent of their unpaid wages and unpaid hours they work.

If you feel you have been underpaid or have worked unpaid hours, do not hesitate to contact us. Federal law has been passed to protect you and forbids any retaliation by your employer. Companies are subject to both criminal and civil penalties if they retaliate against any employee asking for wages under the law.

In order to save money, many companies will ask their workers to complete a multitude of tasks without clocking in. However, the law requires that you are paid for time you spend on behalf of the company. In most cases, this includes being paid for traveling from job site to job site and any time you spend having to complete work from home. Employees are also entitled to be compensated if they are forced to answer phones or work during lunch hour.

Employers must pay overtime. Many companies and business use a variety of schemes and tactics to get around paying overtime which is rightfully owed. If you feel something is “fishy” with how your employer is calculating your hours, an overtime claim attorney for unpaid wages at the Amaro Law Firm will be more than happy to evaluate your claim and inform you of your rights.

If you or anyone you know have an unpaid wages or overtime wages claim and would like a free and confidential consultation about your claim, please contact one of the Amaro Law Firm’s experienced unpaid wages and overtime claim attorneys at 713-864-1941 or toll free at 1-(713) 352-7975.

Unpaid hours and wage claims hold employers accountable when they try to force employees to work off the clock or when they use wage schemes to illegally reduce earnings.

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