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Houston Oil and Gas Workers Overtime Wage Claim Lawyer

The oil and gas wage claim attorneys assist oil and gas workers seek overtime wages owed to them for their hard work. We realize how hard oil and gas field work can be, and that is why it is important to us they you get paid what you deserve. The oil and gas industry has a variety of different positions and types of workers, and sometimes workers are misclassified by their employers and an exemption is used prevent the employee from receiving overtime pay. The oil and gas wage claim attorneys can evaluate your specific situation to determine whether you are owed overtime pay or wages.

As an oil and gas worker, you are entitled to be paid for all of the time you spend working. This includes time spent traveling to your first job site, time traveled between job sites, meetings, and other work related activities. Remember, even if you are paid salary it is still possible that you are entitled to overtime pay in many situations. Salary is only one of the factors the courts consider in determining whether an oil and gas worker is owed over time.

The oil and gas wage attorneys at the can review any potential claim with you and inform you of your rights in regards to being paid for your hard work. Remember, your employer may not retaliate against you for seeking overtime wages you are entitled to under the law.

If you believe you or someone you know has not been paid overtime wages for oil and gas field work over 40/hours a week and would like a free and confidential consultation, please contact one of the Amaro Law Firm’s experienced wage claim attorneys at 713-864-1941 or toll free at 1-(713) 352-7975.

Oil and gas workers experience wage theft when employers prioritize profits over the law. Don’t let them get away with that. File a claim to seek the compensation you’ve earned.

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