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OSHA Report: 30 Worker Injuries A Day

A recent report by the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that American workers suffered more than 10,000 serious or fatal worker injuries in 2015, an average of more than 30 a day. The report comes after a new law went into effect requiring employers to report worker injuries that required hospitalization within 24 hours. The law requiring employers to report workplace fatalities within 8 hours remained in effect.

Details of the Worker Injuries Report

The report complied data on worker injuries the agency received from employers. Employers submitted the data either through their local OSHA field office, an online form, or a toll-free telephone number. The dual purposes of the report included improving OSHA’s ability to enforce worker safety regulations, as well as helping employer identify and eliminated worker safety hazards. The report states that “10,000 reports of severe (worker injuries) tell use that both goals are being met.”

Manufacturing, Construction Industries Reported Most Worker Injuries

The OSHA report examined more than 7,600 incidents in which worker injuries led to hospitalization, as well as over 2,600 in which the employee lost a limb, digit, or eye. Workers in the manufacturing sector accounted for more than a quarter of all worker injuries the required hospitalization, and 57 percent of all amputation injuries. Worker injuries in the construction sectors made up another 19 percent of all hospitalizations and 10 percent of all amputations.

Employers Try To Cover Up Worker Injuries

The report also listed several incidents in which employers attempted to hide worker injuries from the agency. In one instance, employees at a manufacturing plant had experienced several worker injuries, including an employee from a staffing agency who had lost a finger. When the OSHA investigators arrived, the employer turned out the lights, barred the door with forklifts and told the employees to remain silent. Investigators later found out that the manufacturer had been hiding dangerous equipment which could have led to more serious injuries.

OSHA Hail “Success” in Reporting Worker Injuries

The report concluded with mentioning “the program’s success in … helping OSHA focus its resources.” The agency also stated that it is working on finding “new ways to make sure that small employers know about their reporting obligations.” However, the report did not included data from more than 20 states that have their own worker safety agencies. These agencies are required to meet OSHA standards in their regulation, but are not required to report their worker injury data to the federal government.


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