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One Dead and One Injured in Austin Collision

On Wednesday, April 21st, a crash was reported in Austin, Texas. Austin Police Department was one of the first responders at the scene and would be leading an investigation of the case. The incident happened just before 3:00 a.m. between 51st Street and I-35. The vehicles involved were a pickup truck and a semi-trailer. The pickup truck crashed into the semi-trailer while traveling south on the I-35. It was occupied by one passenger and the driver. 

The passenger was left with fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. They were later identified as a 25-year-old woman named Haley Frances Womak. The driver also had severe injuries and is still being treated in the Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas. The driver of the semi-trailer was unharmed and the contents of the trailer did not spill over the highway. 

Can You File A Claim After A Car Accident Involving A Semi-Trailer?

In car accidents involving a semi-trailer in the United States, the majority of the victims will be passenger vehicle occupants – whether they are the driver or the passenger. In fact, since 2010, more than 2,000 people will die each year from a car accident involving a semi-trailer and a passenger vehicle. If you happen to find yourself in one, and managed to survive the crash, is it possible to file a claim against the driver of the semi-trailer? 

The answer will depend on the situation of the accident, such as who was ruled to be the party at fault. If it happens that the driver of the semi-trailer was determined to be the party at fault, then a claim may be viable though the party you should submit the claim to may differ depending on whether the driver was on the job or not. To know more about what type of claim is best for your car accident situation, call us today at (713) 352-7975 to start a free consultation with one of our expert car accident attorneys.

Source: KXAN