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Man Dies After 18 Wheeler Cargo Falls Off Trailer on I-45 Near Madisonville

Man Dies After 18 Wheeler Cargo Falls Off Trailer on I-45 Near MadisonvilleOn Friday morning, a man crashed into a piece of equipment that fell off of a loaded 18 wheeler.  The driver of the 18 wheeler lost control on I-45 South near Madisonville and hit a cable barrier median.  When the driver corrected to get back onto the highway, a piece of equipment he was hauling fell off of his trailer.  Marcus Harrison, a 59 year old from Buffalo, collided with the equipment and was killed on impact.  The driver of the 18 wheeler suffered no injuries.

Under federal law, cargo must be properly loaded and distributed on an 18 wheeler.  In fact, a driver cannot operate an 18 wheeler unless he or she assures the cargo is loaded and distributed properly.  Additionally, the driver must inspect cargo securement devices and ensure the cargo is secure. After the first 50 miles of the trip, the driver must check the cargo to ensure no adjustments need to be made.  During the course of transportation, the driver of the 18 wheeler must periodically inspect the cargo and the cargo securement devices and make any changes necessary.  If cargo is improperly loaded, the weight distribution of the 18 wheeler can be off balance and distort the driving characteristics of the truck.

Federal and state law imposes very strict regulations on commercial truck drivers in order to protect the public from preventable accidents such as this.  Anyone who continuously disregards the federal regulations needlessly puts the public at risk.  These individuals must be held accountable for their actions so that our roads can be made safer.  The Amaro Law Firm litigates 18-wheeler cases nationwide.  We encourage anyone with information about the wreck to come forward so that we may help bring the families justice.  If you witnessed the wreck, passed by after it occurred or while the wreck was being cleared, or are a relative of the deceased or injured, if you have any information, do not hesitate to contact us.

WARNING: If an individual approaches you or your loved one at your home, work, or in the hospital in an attempt to convince you to sign up with an attorney, they are case runners and are committing illegal barratry.

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