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Investigators Seek Answers After Fatal Amtrak Train Crash

Local, state, and federal agencies are investigating a fatal Amtrak train crash near Philadelphia in which eight passengers lost their lives. The investigation centers around an accident involving Amtrak Northeastern Regional Train 188. Investigators have interviewed the train’s engineer, Brandon Bostian, as well as other passengers and eyewitnesses. The train jumped the tracks last week as it made its routine trip between New York City and Washington, DC. More than 200 passengers were also injured in the fatal Amtrak train crash.

Details of Fatal Amtrak Train Crash

Witnesses reported that the train was navigating a curve at more than 100 miles an hour at the time of the fatal Amtrak train crash. The speed limit for the curve was 50 miles an hour. Passengers and other witnesses also claim that the train accelerated sharply just prior to the fatal Amtrak train crash. The train was transported from the accident site in North Philadelphia to a train yard in nearby Wilmington, Delaware. Investigators with the FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board will examine the wreckage as part of their agency’s efforts into finding the causes of the accident.

Projectiles to Blame for Fatal Amtrak Train Crash?

A significant piece of evidence in the fatal Amtrak train crash may be the train’s broken front windshield. A law enforcement officer involved in the fatal Amtrak train crash investigation told reporters that the front windshield had “a small hole” surrounded by broken glass. Reports also showed that two other commuter trains that traveled on the same track were also struck by airborne debris. However, federal investigators stated that they have ruled out bullets or other projectiles as the cause for the damaged windshield.

Engineer’s Actions Examined in Fatal Amtrak Train Crash Probe

Analysts with the NTSB are looking for potential causes for the train’s sudden acceleration prior to the fatal Amtrak train crash. Mr. Bostian, the train’s engineer, told investigators he does not recall the events that led up to last week’s accident. Trains such as those involved in the fatal Amtrak train crash do not carry security cameras in the engineer’s section, so no video evidence of the crash is available from that perspective. A spokesman for the Philadelphia district attorney’s office said that they have not yet opened an official investigation, but are examining options for potential criminal prosecution.

Fatal Amtrak Train Crash Spurs Lawsuits

At least four passengers injured in the fatal Amtrak train crash have filed lawsuits against Amtrak and Mr. Bostian. The lawsuits allege that Amtrak committed “egregious” actions by neglecting to install safety equipment that could have stopped the train from derailing. The suits also allege that Mr. Bostian of acting “recklessly” while navigating the curve. As more reports surface and the investigation into the fatal Amtrak train crash continues, both Amtrak and Mr. Bostian may face more suits from injured passengers.

Source: New York Times

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